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Sat Nov 17 2018
| by Quizmaster Christopher Handschuch

Muggles and Potterheads alike arrived by broomstick this afternoon to compete for House points at Chuy's Stevenson Ranch aka Hogwarts of the West Coast. No wands were allowed to help in the divination of information and any Quizards using Polyjuice Potion to infiltrate their opponents teams were quickly fed to our Chimaera outside. Dumbledore himself would have been pleased with the Hermoine-level thinking coming from our assembled teams today as they identified fantastic beasts, ran through the love lives of their professors, pinpointed the authors of their textbooks and managed to stay away from the Dementor's kiss of -1 point on the Guess Where round. Lots of teams successfully catching that golden snitch (doubling) and avoiding an Azkaban time out (not doubling successfully) but in the end, our Sorting Hat could only choose three of the most powerful Houses participating in our Tri-Quiz tournament: congratulations to all of our witches and wizards, don't let the Gryffindor hit you on the way out and hope to see you all Slytherin to the Tournament of Champions very soon!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10249 Pharrell and Elphaba 83 10 1.000
2 Cheeky Nifflers 72 9 0.900
3 No Safer Place Than Hogwarts 49 8 0.800
4 The Finch-Fletchleys 47 7 0.700
5 Neville Gonna Give You Up 38 5 0.550
5 Expecto Patron Us 38 5 0.550
7 12217 See Thomas Howl 32 4 0.400
8 13502 Those People 29 3 0.300
9 13285 Double Entendres 26 2 0.200
10 Snitches Get Stitches 24 1 0.100
11 Dumbledore's Army 14 0 0.000