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Wed May 2 2018
| by Quizmaster Arash Ghanavatian

Full House


Packed House at Cisco's on Wednesday night. So many teams, so much competition, but only one crown and what a story for tonights winner. After round 1 the Wankers doubled up right from the jump, giving them a comfortable with 14 points. In round 2 we had the Minivan Mafia, come in late because, "they were takin' care of some bizzness, that I don't need to know nothing about! Kapeesh!" but were quick to jump into second place being the only team to double up in round 2. Although the wankers still had the lead with 21 points. But that didn't scare the Minivan Mafia, these are people who have seen things that would turn a normal persons stomach, have taking care of adults like children, and been so exhausted they talk to their infants like adults, they each run their own military, they have the hardest jobs in the world, these are MOMS!! Not only that but moms of twins, and triplets; let us pray! But in round 4 Prestige World Wide blindsided both teams and took the lead after the "Guess Who" round? Until the Minivan Mafia did "some things" to secure theirselves after the second half of the game and ensure victory. It only makes sense these ladies came up big in the last minute, dealing with late babysitters, and man-child husbands, these woman thrive in crunch-time. Good-job Ladies!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Minivan Mafia 73 8 1.000
2 10846 The Wankers 71 7 0.875
3 Village Idiots 64 6 0.750
4 10291 Zombie Caviar 57 5 0.625
5 It's Not About You Ben 56 4 0.500
6 12733 Prestige Worldwide 45 2 0.312
6 13434 Just the Two of Us 45 2 0.312
8 Moore Rod 35 1 0.125
9 Hi 10 0 0.000