Cismontane Brewing Company

1409 E Warner Ave Ste. C
Santa Ana CA 92705
(949) 888-2739
About Cismontane Brewing Company

Cismontane Brewing Co. was started by two native southern Californians, Ross Stewart and Evan Weinberg. They chose the name Cismontane because the geographical area it represents, coastal Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego. As a brewery we are dedicated to creating the finest beers to represent the unique culture and diverse natural aspects of this region. Each beer is named after a local feature that is unique to the area.


The Brewery is located on the side of the largest mountain in Orange County in the city of Rancho Santa Margarita. The great views from Santiago peak and the trails through the canyons provide some of the natural inspiration for the beers and the company.


The brewery is small and accessible to all with a warm and comfortable tasting area. So don’t hesitate to come by when in the area.




“This side of the mountains”, in reference to coastal Southern California. This was a common term used for Southern California while it was forming its identity during the gold rush and before prohibition.


Wed Apr 24 2019
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