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Wed Sep 18 2019
| by Quizmaster Katherine Reid

Wednesday September 18th at College Bar & Grill we had 4 teams come face to face to see who would win in a battle of trivia. Our teams for the evening included I'm Not Picky, Pitter Patter, Th4nd3r C4tz, and Ballz. Who would be our victor?

In Round 1 our teams were asked 6 general knowledge questions. After adding points for registered teams we had a tie in first place of 6 points between Pitter Patter and Ballz. In second was I'm Not Picky with 5 points, and Th4nd3r C4tz in third with 3 points. Our most commonly missed question in this round askedwhat Creole stew likely got it's name from a Choctaw word for a spicy herb, to which all our teams responded jambalaya when the correct answer was gumbo.

In Round 2 the teams were asked to identify the guitar plays found in the images they received. Ballz and I'm Not Picky only missed 1 point, Pitter Patter missed 2, and Th4nd3r C4tz were able to get 4 answers correct. A personal favorite incorrect answer of mine last night was when a team identified Joan Jett as Nikki Sixx.

In Round 3 the theme was that the word "crystal" would appear in either the question or the answer. I'm Not Picky and Ballz did the best out of the 4 teams in this round. By this point in the game I'm Not Picky and Ballz were in a tie for first place with each team having 18 points. In second was Pitter Patter with 15 points, and in third was Th4nd3r C4tz with 10 points.

For this week's Round 4 the teams had to identify a mystery person based off of the clues given to them, everyone eventually was able to correctly identify our mystery man. I'm Not Picky was able to get it after just the first clue, which meant their team was able to get 10 additional points. Pitter Patter got it after our second clue giving them 8 extra points. While Ballz and Th4nd3r C4tz got the answer after our third clue, giving each of their teams 6 extra points.

Round 5 was our Find the Connection round, where teams have to figure out the commonality in the answers to the first 9 questions in order to answer question 10. A majority of our teams struggled a bit in this round. But by this point I'm Not Picky had officially stolen first place for themselves with a score of 37 points. Following behind them was Ballz with 28 points while Pitter Patter was just a point below at 27 points for third place. Th4nd3r C4tz were in fourth with 20 points.

In between Rounds 5 and 6 we took a quick recess to play our Survey Slam Drinking Round, or as a majority of my teams referred to it as the Family Feud Round! The teams were asked 6 questions that had previously been asked to hundreds of survey takers and then had to identify 1 of the top 3 answers others had given. In the end Pitter Patter won our mini round with a total of 9 points!

As we hopped back into our regularly scheduled program for Round 6 our teams were asked to match the TV comedy characters to the actor who portrayed them! Teams Th4nd3r C4tz and I'm Not Picky both chose to play their Double or Nothing plays in this round. Lucky for both teams all of their answers were correct and each of them were able to gain 20 additional points to their teams!

And finally in Round 7 the teams were asked to name the 10 most recent MLB teams to have lost the World Series. In this round both Pitter Patter and Ballz chose to play their Double or Nothings, and unfortunately for both teams they had at least 1 incorrect answer, meaning neither of them would gain any extra points from this round. In the end Ballz finished in fourth place with a total score of 35 points. In third was Pitter Patter with 37 points. Second place went to Th4nd3r C4tz who finished with 50 points. And in first place with 65 points we had I'm Not Picky.

Congrats to all of the teams who participated last night, you're all winners to me. Catch us again next Wednesday at College Bar & Grill!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 I'm Not Picky 65 3 1.000
2 Th4nd3r C4tz 50 2 0.667
3 21498 Pitter Patter 37 1 0.333
4 22803 Ballz 35 0 0.000