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Thu Jul 11 2019
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

It was great to be back at Collision Brewing after a week off for the 4th of July holiday, and great to have another full house! A shout out to the quizmasters who put together this week's set, it was very challenging as well as entertaining.

The teams were tightly bunched after Round 1 until a successful double-or-nothing by regulars Trebek's Rejects and #momjeans along with returners MGBK (last seen at the Longmont Public House!) put some distance between those 3 and the rest of the field. All teams fared reasonably well in Round 3, but the Guess Who round stumped the house; Butterbeer Beaches correctly answered for 8 points while 2 teams took a -1 and 5 declined to answer!

Trebek's Rejects hit another double in Round 5 (Find The Connection), opening up a 15-point lead and effectively clinching the win. MGBK were steady throughout, finishing the final 3 rounds with scores of 8 - 8 - 7 to hold off Brown Chicken,Brown Cow for 2nd place. Brown Chicken finished the last 3 rounds with 9 points in each to claim 3rd place, nosing out Butterbeer Beaches by a single point. Gold VS. Gold were also consistent but could not overcome the 0 in the Guess Who round, finishing 5th, while #momjeans (back after a week's absence) paid the price for attempting to leap back into the race by doubling twice and missing on each to finish 6th. A tip of the hat to first-timers Lindas (for scoring 9 of a possible 10 in the final round) and Alpacaccino for their 7-point score in Round 6; both teams were good sports and are welcome back any time!

I think all the players were happy to beat the heat after today's 99 degree heat; let's do it again next week, hopefully under cooler conditions!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 19136 Trebek's Rejects 64 7 1.000
2 13380 MGBK 49 6 0.857
3 13539 Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 47 5 0.714
4 20727 Butterbeer beaches 46 4 0.571
5 18974 Gold VS Gold 42 3 0.429
6 13541 #momjeans 36 2 0.286
7 Lindas 22 1 0.143
8 Alpacaccino 15 0 0.000