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Thu Aug 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

What a night at Collision Brewing! We had the best turnout yet, helped by a party of 10 who stumbled upon our game...and registered and played! In fact we had 2 new teams register tonight,with 8 teams total and 49 players! The game itself was VERY well contested and featured some remarkably high final scores. There were 4 teams within 8 points of one another vying for 2nd place, as the night belonged to #momjeans from the jump.

Four teams correctly answered all 6 questions in the first round (though none doubled), and #momjeans parlayed a successful double-or-nothing in the picture round into a lead they would never relinquish. The ladies (along with Trebek's Rejects) "settled" for 5 of a possible 6 in the Theme Round (Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem were the only team to score 6) but followed that with 10 points in both rounds 4 & 5 (the first team in recent memory to successfully "Guess Who" on the 10-point clue). Trebek's Rejects used a successful double in Round 5 to briefly close to within 4 points of the lead, but #momjeans put the pedal down with a successful double in the handout round and the high score of 8 in Round 8 (equaled by newcomers The Love Boat) to coast to victory.

Some thoughts on tonight...both Brown Chicken, Brown Cow and Butterbeer Beaches played exceedingly well tonight (with scores of 54 & 53 respectively) and finished out of the money! Both Rejected Llamas and newcomers 4 Way Stop were steady and finished with score that would normally be close to the top. First-timers The Love Boat were also very good but twice learned the painful lesson of getting 9 of a possible 10 right but yielding 0 points by doubling.

In the end Trebek's Rejects (back after missing last week to attend the Billy Joel concert) were a strong 2nd, edging ...Trivia Problem by 2 points. But #momjeans turned in a remarkable performance. They scored 5 of a possible 6 in the Theme Round, and 8 of a possible 10 in the final round; otherwise they correctly answered every question in 5 of the 7 rounds, doubling twice. What's more, they scored 77 points out a mathematically possible 122 (7 successful doubles +the 2 bonus points), the best single night I've witnessed; hats off to you, ladies!

As schools open and temperatures cool, I hope to see you all again next week. Thanks for playing!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13541 #momjeans 77 7 1.000
2 19136 Trebek's Rejects 61 6 0.857
3 18355 Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem 59 5 0.714
4 13539 Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 54 4 0.571
5 20727 Butterbeer beaches 53 3 0.429
6 21216 Rejected Llamas 41 2 0.286
7 22056 4 way stop 37 1 0.143
8 22055 Cautiously Optomistic 30 0 0.000