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Here at Collision our staff is committed to providing a friendly and fun experience. We love to use local ingredients in our food and beer as much as possible. Our main goal is to provide a place everyone can relax, sit back, and enjoy life when you come and visit us.



Thu Oct 24 2019
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

We were back in business at Collision tonight, with an excellent turnout to boot. Trebek's Rejects set the tone for the evening by hitting a successful double-or-nothing in Round 1 to jump 7 points clear of the pack; the picture round was CLEARLY too easy, as every team got them all right....and every team doubled!! (a first in my experience). The Rejects, #momjeans, Trivia Trumps Debates and 4-Way Stop each scored 5 (of a possible 6) in Round 3, leaving #momjeans and Trivia Trumps Debates tied for 2nd and still 7 points off the lead; 4-Way Stop, Limoncello and Wet Dream Catchers were all tied for 4th at this point, a further 2 points back. Limoncello and Wet Dream Catchers each took a -1 in the Guess Where round, dropping them out of contention for the night; interestingly, those two teams had identical scores in rounds 4, 5, 6 & 7 and finished tied for 5th. Trivia Trumps Debates had the high score (8) in the Guess Where round, hats off to them.

Sadly they dropped down in the standings after a scorer's decision in Round 5; I had no choice but to give them a 0 after they attempted a double-or-nothing and answered the Donald Duck question with "Fantasia". Had no one else correctly answered "Fantasia 2000" I might have been inclined to give it to them but those are 2 distinct films and only one was described in the question. Limoncello and Wet Dream Catchers were high scorers (along with leaders Trebek's Rejects) with 9 in Round 5; indeed the Rejects at least tied for high score in all but 1 round and cruised home by an 11-point margin. Trivia Trumps Debates rebounded from their zero with 16 of a possible 20 in the last 2 rounds but 4-Way Stop held them off to claim 3rd place by a point; #momjeans were strong wire-to-wire to finish 1 point in front of 4-Way and take 2nd.

It seems unlikely there will be a game on Halloween but we will be back in 2 weeks to do it all over again!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 19136 Trebek's Rejects 61 5 1.000
2 13541 #momjeans 50 4 0.800
3 22056 4 way stop 49 3 0.600
4 22675 Fantasia2000 48 2 0.400
5 22413 Limoncello 42 0 0.100
5 23174 The Wet Dream Catchers 42 0 0.100