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Thu Feb 20 2020
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

What a night at Collision Brewing this week!! We shattered our previous turnout record, and just about maxed out our room with 12 teams and 72 players; the staff at Collision were heroes, scrambling to bring in folding tables and re-arranging the layout on the fly to accommodate the crowd. In addition, #momjeans (12 strong this week) were challenged by their counterparts #dadbods (11 husbands), creating a competitive undercurrent that shaped the night.

Both those teams converted succesful double-or-nothing tries in Round 1, along with Trebek's Rejects and Mutha Smucker; both 4-Way Stop and Tequila Is Not A Patronus went for the double and only got 5 right, and neither team could recover from that zero to get back into the running. #momjeans did it again in Round 2 to jump 8 points in front of the dads (who scored 8 out of 8; Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants also doubled in Round 2 to move into 2nd place, 7 points back). At this point #momjeans sent a round of, er, Blowjobs (an amaretto/Kahlua based shot) to the #dadbods table; the dads had to leave the shot glasses on the table and drink them with no hands, which they all promptly did without hesitation. Thusly fortified, #dadbods were the only team to correctly answer all 6 questions in the Sibling Rivalry round (#3); #momjeans, Trebek's Rejects, Mutha Smucker and first-timers Squid Inferno all scored 5, while newly rechristened Fantasia 2000's failed double bid (and the resulting zero) dropped them out of the running . In the Guess Who round, #momjeans, #dadbods and Sex Pants were the three teams to correctly answer for 8 points; the moms' margin remained at 7 over the dads and 8 over FM Sex Pants. Tired Tipsy Teachers answered correctly for 6, while 4-Way Stop and Limoncello had to take the -1 for guessing Lizzie Borden. As turnabout, #dadbods at this point sent a round of, um, Screaming Orgasms (a similar shot which also contains vodka) to their spouses; the ladies duly threw them back and let out exaggerated moans of pleasure, at which point the Quizmaster (for once) had the right response at the right moment: "I'll have what they're having!" Meanwhile, back at the game...

In the Find The Connection round, the dads were again high scorers with 8 out of 10 to creep 1 point closer to the lead as the moms and FM Sex Pants each scored 7 while Cammie Hates The Cello had their high mark of the night with 5. Fantasia 2000 were high scorers in the Handout Round, getting them all right for 10 points; #momjeans, #dadbods and Trebek's Rejects each tallied 9 while Linomcello scored 8 out of 10. So after 6 rounds it looked to be a 2-team race between the teams of spouses, with the moms 6 points in front; Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants were 3rd but only 2 points separated them from Trebek's Rejects. As it happened, Sex Pants were high scorers in the final round, their 8 points secured them 3rd place on the night. # dadbods scored 7 of 9 but it was not enough as #momjeans' 6 was enough to secure the win (Trebek's Rejects, Fantasia 2000, Tired Tipsy Teachers and Mutha Smucker also tallied 6 in Round 7).

It was a memorable night, and I send my sincere thanks to all who turned out to play tonight but ESPECIALLY to everyone at Collision Brewing for going above and beyond to accommodate such a large crowd. Let me also send a shout out to #dadbods, who sent me a Blo...I mean, a shot late in the evening as well. Since King Trivia bills itself as "the classiest game in town", I did not do the "no hands" thing, but it was delicious and MOST appreciated! The turnout has been tremendous in recent weeks, let's keep it going. Thanks everyone!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13541 #momjeans 65 11 1.000
2 25424 #dadbods 60 10 0.909
3 19161 Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants 55 9 0.818
4 19136 Trebek's Rejects 51 8 0.727
5 25277 Motha Smucker 47 7 0.636
6 22675 Fantasia2000 42 6 0.545
7 Squid Inferno 30 5 0.455
8 25422 Tired Tipsy Teachers 28 4 0.364
9 24571 Tequila Is Not A Patronus 26 3 0.273
10 24439 Cammie Hates the Cello 25 2 0.182
11 22056 4 way stop 24 1 0.091
12 22413 Limoncello 23 0 0.000