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829 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90069
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About 40 Love

With giant plush booths and over 25 flat-screen TVs, 40 LOVE is the perfect neighborhood sports bar to cheer on your favorite team or grab a bite to eat with friends. Our venue is filled with dark wood, lush greenery and white brick — characteristic of a classic American country club.



Tue Feb 26 2019
| by Quizmaster Anna Snedden

It was week 2 of trivia at 40 Love, and WHOA NELLY did we have ourselves a horse race!

The bar filled up with eager participants, competitive teams and some people who said "uh sure" when I asked if they wanted to play. Right off the bat, Mickey's Hoes and Swedish Fish Oreos pulled ahead as the teams to beat, both successfully doubling down in the first round. The remaining 6 teams were within 2 points. Of course, the winds changed as a couple unsuccessful double downs plagued teams, and the Berry round challenged all of us. Round 4 came and while we may have lost Community Service, we gained a deeper understanding of Ken Jeong.

The teams stayed close and the game stayed tight, as late-game double downs flew about. Even heading into the final round, it seemed like anybody's game. Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was a deep understanding of the periodic table, perhaps it was thanks to the energy of the quizmaster - but Mickey's Hoes took home that coveted first place trophy, with $30 for next week, with a glorious 71 points.

Come on back next week, when Anna will follow through on her promise to identify herself as "The Sadistic Game Master of King Trivia".

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Mickey's Hoes 71 7 1.000
2 Byte Me 65 6 0.857
3 11520 Bogey's & Beer 59 5 0.714
4 14196 Swedish Fish Oreos 57 4 0.571
5 Geppetos 56 3 0.429
6 Dancing Dumplings 47 2 0.286
7 Reunion Rookies 45 1 0.143
8 Community Service 17 0 0.000