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Tue Dec 14 2021
| by Quizmaster Jordan Henderson

Tonight was about the battle for second place. Many teams jostled for the second spot especially among, Coco Shrimps, Palms Bar Flies, and Santa's Sack is Back!

Santa's Sack made a huge leap when they scored a double or nothing to get into second place early in the game but unfortuatly couldn't keep pace with the other teams.

Donner Party of 5 (With 8 people on their team) wasn't able to come away with a win this time as they did multiple double or nothings that just didn't pan out. They were only able to score points in 2 of the 7 rounds. But we applaud their effort and gumptiont just keep going for it!

There was a tiebreaker for second place between Coco Shrimp and Palms Bar Flies. Unfortunately for the Coco Shrimps, it was a baseball question and sports is not their forte which led them to guessing that Roger Clemens had 15,000 strikeouts in his career. Palms Bar Flies (made up of one person tonight!) was able to take advantage and had a much more realistic 3,400 guess which got them a free round of drinks!

The Evil Tampire was able to take the whole thing today by grabbing the lead early and never letting go. They got multiple double or nothings which helped them stave off any challengers and weather the storm on the one round where their double or nothing try backfired. Maybe people will look to rebel against them next week to try and get the top prize!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 38338 The Evil Tampire 49 6 1.000
2* 39894 Palms Bar Flies 38 4 0.750
2 39924 Coco shrimps 38 4 0.750
4 42672 Santa’s sack is back 36 3 0.500
5 42677 EB’s Toes 30 2 0.333
6 41272 Donner Party of 5 11 1 0.167
7 43407 Irish Warriors 5 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker