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Tue Jan 25 2022
| by Quizmaster Jordan Henderson

What a game! Things started off great for Palms Bar Flies and Coco Shrimps getting out to an early lead with a double or nothing while the Killers and the Kitties (meow) could've done so but played it safe.

Grapes had a rough start to the game but was able to gain some ground thanks to the clue round and they moved from last to 4th. It was short lived, however, as they ended up losing a couple double or nothings to get back down to familiar territory. Brain Shart was just happy to not be last place and decided to be called "Not Last Place" for the final two rounds.

Things began to change thanks to round 4 as Palms Bar Flies lost the lead by trying to guess early in the round only to get the wrong answer. The Coco Shrimps were able to take advantage and got two double or nothings in a row in the 5th and 6th rounds.

The Killers had an amazing comeback after starting out well and then fading in the middle rounds but were able to get a double or nothing in the 5th round to jump all the way up to 3rd and we're just behind the Kitties who made a comeback of their own!

It all came down to the final round. The Coco Shrimps were able to keep ahold of 1st place and the Killers took over 2nd getting an impressive 6/10 answers right! No one could've predicted such an outcome and it just went to show that you should never give up cause anything can happen in trivia!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 39924 Coco shrimps 56 6 1.000
2 48456 The Killers 42 5 0.833
3 48513 The kitties 40 4 0.667
4 39894 Palms Bar Flies 35 3 0.500
5 48519 Spicy Boys 33 2 0.333
6 48536 Brain Shart 24 1 0.167
7 48538 Grapes 21 0 0.000