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Tue Apr 5 2022
| by Quizmaster Jordan Henderson

It was a WILD and close night! Starting with a strong double or nothing and five teams being tied for 2nd after the first round, things were bound to get crazy!

The Coco Shrimps started off so strong with a double or nothing score and they held onto first for 6 of the 7 rounds! However, whole they kept their top spot, teams were chipping away at their lead. 

Three Must Get Beers and the Sassy Squatches fought hard for second place for many rounds before Three Must Get Beers lost it but then came back with a double or nothing in the 6th round to hold onto the spot. They then were in a Tiebreaker for second with the Coco Shrimps and had the better guess to take the spot and come away with a prize!

The Palms Bar Flies were the comeback story of the night! They started out well but faded down to 6th place at one point but gained some ground in the later rounds and then a gutsy double or nothing in the final round allowed them to leap frog into first place!

Anything can happen in trivia and tonight proved it so we'll see what exciting shenanigans happen next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 39894 Palms Bar Flies 68 7 1.000
2* 45155 Three must-get-beers 59 5 0.786
2 39924 Coco shrimps 59 5 0.786
4 59885 Sassy Squatches 56 4 0.571
5 56650 Team Opal 50 3 0.429
6 59809 Fine Gentlemen 47 2 0.286
7 59818 Yoshi's Island 39 1 0.143
8 31771 HAGUS DAGUS 30 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker