Fatte Albert's Pizza Co.

110 E. 7th Street
Hanford CA 93230
(559) 585-0220
  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
About Fatte Albert's Pizza Co.

With over 30 years of restaurant experience between them, Steve and Wendy feel right at home in the pizza kitchen at Fatte Albert’s Pizza Company in downtown Hanford.  Just as Wendy grew up in her family’s pizzeria, their four children can be seen regularly hanging out at the downtown Hanford pizza shop sitting next to Dad as he hand rolls every fresh dough ball, or folding pizza boxes with Mom on the counter.

Born in Hanford and raised in local farming and agriculture communities, Steve and Wendy decided to make Hanford their home and felt that downtown Hanford was the perfect setting for what they had envisioned for the pizzeria they had long dreamed of.

With their kids in local schools and Steve a Marine Corps veteran, giving back to the community that gives so much to them is priority number one.  Shopping local and utilizing local produce, meats, cheese and dairy has always been important to the integrity of Fatte Albert’s Pizza Company.

As other pizza restaurants take short cuts with frozen dough balls, processed meats, cheeses and frozen veggies, we pay more and put more time and effort into our prep process which begins hours before we open our doors.  With that said keep in mind that we are not a fast food establishment.  Everything is made right when you order it, so sit back and enjoy an ice cold pint or a cream soda and watch your dough being hand-tossed and created into a pizza masterpiece from our family to yours!



Wed Nov 20 2019
| by Quizmaster Anthony Jalapeño

It was a battle that will go down in history books of Fatte Alberts Pizza in Hanford. 2 bitter rivals re-ignited their rivalry as they battled it our for 1st Place.

The Meat Lovers took the early lead and were neck and neck battle with the Queens. That is until Round #5 when both What's Left of the Avengers and Schkeithikos hit a double and took the lead spots. Those two teams have had a rivalry going back to last year. In the end, Schkeithikos showed they are still the dominant force and took 1st Place. The Avengers showed Schkeithikos way too much respect and missed an opportunity to double in round 6 and ended up in 2nd Place. The Meat Lovers got blinded sided by the top teams and ended up in 3rd Place.

The Bonus round had one player from each team come up and do their best to juggle 3 balloons while being timed. little Stank and Dookie shoes had the best time and won't the free pitcher of beer.

See you all next Week.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10787 Schkeithikos 72 8 1.000
2 15101 What’s left of the Avengers 69 7 0.875
3 23492 Meat Lovers 57 6 0.750
4 21655 The Queens 56 5 0.625
5 14564 A Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem 38 4 0.500
6 23742 Pickle-Me-Elmo 37 3 0.375
7 23909 Lil stank and dookie shoes 36 2 0.250
8 10245 War Moose 29 1 0.125
9 Third times a charm 21 0 0.000