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Tue Jul 24 2018
| by Quizmaster Darrel Haynes

Tonight may have been the closest game I've ever hosted. 7 out of the 14 teams had a real shot at winning this at different points throughout this game. In fact, if you were to judge by the 1st half, the team (with what turned out to be a very appropriate name) out of those 7 that seemed the least likely to take the game, did just that with an incredible 2nd half!

I Lost My Virginity At.. just had a good old fashioned textbook game, leaning towards a conservative play style as they had 2 doubles & 2 perfect rounds where they could've doubled. Unfortunately for them, round 7 was their worst round (they could've tied for 1st if they had a perfect round 7) & they fall from 2nd to 3rd. They are still rewarded for a great game & take the bronze!

Troop Beverly Hills Adjacent wanted me to tell you that they wrote Bucephalus in Greek & I wanted to tell you that they had a brilliant game! They stuck to a very similar game plan as I Lost My Virginity At... as they got the same score in 5 rounds & Troop Beverly Hill Adjacent was 1 point behind in 5 rounds. The difference maker was round 7, where they only missed 1 answer! They snag 2nd & take the silver!

Are there highlight reels for trivia? If there was then this performance would be on there! Mission: Not Very Likely seemed to be left in the dust in the 1st half of the game with an especially abysmal round 3, where they tied for the lowest score. However, as if following a plot of a movie where the tag line is their team name, they rise up to the challenge! They, along with @therealROUHANI (who came amazingly close to taking 3rd) double twice in a row in rounds 5 & 6 taking the lead! Their great round 7 seals the deal & they take the gold, becoming the champions of the night!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11545 Mission: Not Very Likely 73 12 1.000
2 10993 Troop Beverly Hills Adjacent 71 11 0.917
3 11344 I lost my virginity at... 69 10 0.833
4 @therealROUHANI 67 9 0.750
5 10688 Gin & Jews 65 8 0.667
6 13620 Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon Collectors 45 7 0.583
7 Happy Hour Extended to 10pm 39 6 0.500
8 The Eliminators 37 5 0.417
9 First Place Ice Cream 36 4 0.333
10 10684 Tequila Mockingbird 34 2 0.208
10 Colton's Virginity 34 2 0.208
12 Rolly Poley Noley 14 1 0.083
13 Always Hangry 8 0 0.000