Freedom Street Social

15177 Candelas Parkway
Arvada CO 80007
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
About Freedom Street Social

Freedom Street Social stands as Arvada’s newest watering hole. We are thrilled to provide a communal space for those in the community to reside together immersed in cuisine, conversation, and company. The inspiration behind Freedom Street Social comes from the nostalgia of family gatherings that go beyond direct relatives. The concept was created by Nick and Amie Costanzo and has ties back to Nick’s Ohio roots and grandmother’s Italian cooking. The community at Freedom Street opens its doors to friends, neighbors and those falling somewhere in between. We know that our Arvada neighbors have longed for a connecting link and Freedom Street is the ‘third place’ to provide that.

While there aren’t grandma’s cooking in the kitchen per se, that same wholesome feeling is met by the vendors and atmosphere it houses. Eight food vendors occupy the space and offer unique flavors and menu items. The spice of hot chicken comes from Lea Jane’s crew, while Windy City decadence defines Giordano’s deep dish pizza. The local renowned restaurant group – Culinary Creative – brings the trifecta of Mr. Oso and Señor Bear to Arvada with Osito — an ode to Latin Cuisine. The early risers won’t be able to resist waking up to Tajahi Cooke’s breakfast concept – The BKFST Club, so much so that they’ll end up returning for a night at The Chef Kitchen to explore what his collaborator of the month has in store. Some days call for the brightness of Balance Grill with their Pan-Asian inspiration, while others long for the richness of a classic double cheeseburger from Johnny Good Burger. An afternoon pick-me-up can come from the frozen treats courtesy of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice or from the caffeine kick from Pressed Coffee & Vinyl. The endless option stretch beyond just a meal, instead it’s a meeting ground for after-school activities, holiday get-togethers, and happy hour hangouts.


Tue Mar 21 2023
| by Quizmaster Quinn Chermak

Tonight was interesting we had some truly funny answers mixed in (mostly incorrect but what's the fun in being right, right) and some really cool questions including things like the slugon of a news paper that said democracy dies in the dark. I feel like I should read the news more now. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 83174 Just do its 73 12 1.000
2 90202 The Baybays 58 11 0.917
3 86501 91sters 46 10 0.833
4 87751 Farvada Isotopes 42 9 0.750
5 93068 Pink Fluffy Unicorns 37 8 0.667
6 93066 Nancy’s With Attitude 36 7 0.583
7 Junebird Echo 31 6 0.500
8 93067 Snuggle Squad 30 5 0.417
9 87750 Quizzards 28 4 0.333
10 93072 Hopefully Not Last Place 25 3 0.250
11 93071 Team Kyle 13 2 0.167
12 93065 JME 7 1 0.083
13 Nick and amie 6 0 0.000