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The Pub at Golden Road is a full-service, family-friendly environment located just a stone’s throw from Griffith Park in Atwater Village. Open 7 days a week, The Pub offers ample indoor and outdoor seating, over a dozen Golden Road beers on tap, and games for the young (and young at heart).



Tue May 21 2019
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

And now our watching is over.

A Game of Thrones reference? Nah! We're talking about The Big Bang Theory, of course. Sheldon and Amy won their Nobel Prize. Raj went on a date with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Penny dumped Leonard when her affair with Howard was discovered!

Okay, some of that may not be true. But we can assure you that all questions and answers will be absolutely accurate when KING TRIVIA presents the BIG BANG THEORY quiz this Sunday at Golden Road Brewery!

Yes, the Big Bang Theory has gone the way of all things, and King Trivia will capture that zany bit of cultural zeitgeist with a special themed quiz this upcoming Sunday, May 26 at the ever-popular Golden Road Brewery.

Math, science history, you can solve the mysteries concerning all things Big Bang by ordering your tickets HERE. Tickets are only a dollar per person, which will leave you lots of cash for Chinese food! Reserve your seats now! Bazinga!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17947 Stung on the Double 76 12 1.000
2 CBB 72 11 0.917
3 13502 Those People 68 10 0.833
4 10078 Sister Act WIth a Vengeance 63 9 0.750
5 Varys 2020 59 8 0.667
6 10645 The Bad Explainers 52 7 0.583
7 13578 Sushi Platter 48 6 0.500
8 Ruth Bader Winsberg 47 5 0.417
9 19682 The Bad Buddy Cop Movie 45 4 0.333
10 TVs, Beers & Stuff 42 2 0.208
10 Nick Cage Fan Club 42 2 0.208
12 10158 The Los Feliz Boy's Choir 41 1 0.083
13 Hennything is Possible 34 0 0.000