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The Pub at Golden Road is a full-service, family-friendly environment located just a stone’s throw from Griffith Park in Atwater Village. Open 7 days a week, The Pub offers ample indoor and outdoor seating, over a dozen Golden Road beers on tap, and games for the young (and young at heart).


Sun Oct 27 2019
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

There are few nights as glorious as Halloween. However, some of us have to work in the morning, so we get our trivia in on the weekend. That was the mood tonight at Golden Road Brewery as thirteen teams united for two hours of intense, Slasher Film related trivia.

Epic undersells the torrid story of this battle. This was a fight to survive, a war of wit and will. Monsters and villains beset our heroes as they sought the knowledge to some of the most difficult questions this Quizmaster has ever asked. To say these were deep cuts would be the understatement of the year. If you didn't bring your A-game, you weren't taking home the prizes this time.

Slasher Film Themed night kicked off with a bang, throwing the teams into a blender of every horror film of the past forty years. After a few rounds, the teams began to separate into distinct groups: Those who came to play, and those who came to win!

The drinking round, a hearty staple of Golden Road, tasked our teams with divining the theme songs to several Halloween movies. After a quick tie-breaker round, Golden Ghouls took a pitcher of beer for their table.

Coming into the final stretch, we had around half the room within spitting distance of first place. That brought us to round 7...a who's who of the Halloween franchise.

Here's where things get interesting, true believers. With a bold (and beautiful) double down, one team jumped themselves into a THREE-WAY TIE for 1st place. It was a first for this QM, I'll tell you.

And so it became a tie-breaker. Three teams competing for the gold. And just in case you thought the killer was dead after round seven, you clearly don't know the genre. We had one final surprise.

Our third place winner guessed tragically low. Our second place winner was only a few points above. But our first place winner, the Golden Ghouls, guessed the EXACT ANSWER for the tie-breaker.

And so, another Slasher Theme Event came to an end. 13 teams absolutely crushed this trivia session. There were no losers tonight (especially since a certain QM brought a bucket of candy for everyone).

If you're looking for the best game in town, find your local King Trivia and get to quizzing.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1* 22476 The Golden Ghouls 66 12 1.000
2* 21294 CornGorn The Living God 65 11 0.917
3* 10781 A Wet Dream on Elm Street 64 10 0.833
4 14809 900Dollarydoo$ 56 9 0.750
5 Slimers 53 7 0.625
5 15561 Thrillhouse 53 7 0.625
7 Hash Slinging Slashers 52 6 0.500
8 We Were Dead All Along 44 5 0.417
9 18156 Pettifoggers 39 4 0.333
10 Day Drinkers 37 3 0.250
11 14724 Surprise. Beans. 28 2 0.167
12 Dead Eyes, Black Heart, Can't Lose 27 1 0.083
13 13502 Those People 25 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker
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