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    • PUB QUIZ—Thursdays @ 7:00pm
    About Great Change Brewing

    Welcome to the Great Change Brewing experience that is born from family and focused on our community.  Our philosophy is derived from the lifelong love of craft beer and the traveling experiences of Steve Belmont and Tim Belmont who created the Belmont Venture corporation that has led them to partnering with Master Brewer Kyle Smith who is notorious for his award-winning craft beer creations.  Our strength comes from hiring the best who embrace the Great Change Brewing philosophy to never compromise on the quality of our craft beer and to never take for granted our connection to the customer through genuine customer service.  We welcome you to our brewing family and let’s continue a legacy of bringing our community together, to enjoy each other’s company over Great Change Brewing craft beer.


    Thu Jan 30 2020
    | by Quizmaster Dave Rezac

    It was another HUGE night for us at Great Change, and it looks like we might have to start sharing tables for the smaller teams. When I walked in, the teams were already starting to get worked up for the game. Like a pack of hungry lions, they feasted upon the questions, devouring the answers as they were doled out at the ends of the rounds. New friends were made, prizes were won, and the beer flowed like wine. No kids were in the house, so we got to use the unfiltered names of those teams that have less than family friendly names.

    When it all came down, Thee Downtowners roared into first place with a double worth 20 points in round 5 and another 10 in round 6. They ended their night with 55 and took home a $25 gift card. Team Stark landed in second place with 51 and pushed their prize money down to the next places. Both ending at 43 and tied for third, Mamba Mentality and Threat Level Midnight went to the tiebreaker to settle their differences. It appears that Mamba Mentality has a pornographic memory, coming closest to the target of how many issues of non-frontal nudity Playboy were published before going back to classic centerfolds. Their answer was 6, while Threat Level Midnight answered 3 to come in a little behind. Giggity. $15 and $10 gift cards were awarded accordingly.

    Come out next week, and don't forget to join us on Tuesdays at 7 for Survey Slam and another chance to have more fun and possibly win beer money!

    I love you all. -- Dave

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 13453 The Downtowners 55 11 1.000
    2 24164 Team Stark 51 10 0.909
    3* 25059 Mamba Mentality 43 8 0.773
    3 22268 Threat Level Midnight 43 8 0.773
    5 We're Here for the Beer 37 7 0.636
    6 20923 So Happy It’s Thursday 36 6 0.545
    7 25063 Chingones 30 5 0.455
    8 16732 False Claymes 28 4 0.364
    9 Alpha Q 25 3 0.273
    10 Conteff The Courageous 20 1 0.136
    10 24695 Superior hops 20 1 0.136
    12 Us 3 8 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker