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    Saturday, December 16th, 2023 @ 7:00pm


Tue May 17 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Dozens of ravished patrons journeyed all across Los Angeles to the barrel-shaped haven of NoHo—Idle Hour—for another fantastic journey into King Trivia! With the temperature dipping after a pre-summer heat wave, the air was ripe for a contest of champions (and the guests were primed for cool drinks and delicious treats). 

Wildly, we had a leader right out the gate in Round One. Quiz Kid Donnie Smith was the only team brave enough to throw a double, giving hem a sizable advantage moving into the rest of the game. 

Round after Round, Quiz Kid held their lead while other teams rose and fell. By the end of Round Four, Algorithm and Blues had jumped to second place, with Kill the Queen close behind. With only a few points separating all of our teams, we took a quick break to lubricate their minds with a little liquor. 

On this day in history, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz was first published, so we asked our teams to search in their photos for something that was either from the book or film, or something evocative of the franchise. Our winner, R.E.N., had an old halloween photo with an entire family dolled up in outstanding costumes! 

Back to the show with Round 5, and things were heating up. Finding this particular connection proved to be quite a challenge, but our teams weren’t about to go down without a fight. After a thorough thrashing, our leader board was shaken! Algorithm and Blues jumped to the top spot, Quiz Kid fell to second, and Diana Spencer’s Gifts took third! But would this new hierarchy last?

Another upset came after Round Six, with Quiz Kid regain and their lead and Algorithm dropping into third. Goat Rodeo climbed into striking distance in fourth place. We had a real ballgame on our hands, and it would all come down to the final round!

With everything on the line, Quiz Kid Donnie Smith took first place, Algorithm and Blues took second, and Diana Spencer’s Gifts took third. 

Come join us every Tuesday for more King Trivia!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 77 17 1.000
2 35457 Algorithm & Blues 73 16 0.941
3 37633 Diana Spencer’s Gifts 70 15 0.882
4 66702 Goat rodeo 57 14 0.824
5 55659 Capital G Gamers 47 13 0.765
6 66710 R.E.N. 46 11 0.676
6 52545 Here for the Host 46 11 0.676
8 66727 Las Palomas 45 10 0.588
9 66703 Find Me A Sweater 39 9 0.529
10 66730 Emergency Food 38 8 0.471
11 65685 Poopy Fart Heads 35 7 0.412
12 66706 The Van Buren Boys 33 6 0.353
13 66718 gatekeepgirlboss 32 5 0.294
14 66708 Kill the Queen 30 4 0.235
15 66726 We Find Black Pepper Spicy 28 3 0.176
16 66731 NOLA 715 26 2 0.118
17 43614 Never gonna quiz you up 24 1 0.059
18 40028 Kingbeez 19 0 0.000