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Tue Jul 12 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Twas a nice, cool summer evening as teams gathered in the barrel-shaped bastion of NoHo with one thing in mind: ultimate trivia domination. That’s right, it’s time for more King Trivia!

Nineteen teams joined the fray to test out their trivial knowledge against the best of the best. With the apps served and entrees on the way, it was time to dive into the real show. 

Round One left a monster tie in first and second. Kingbeez, Bad News Care Bears, and Here for the Host took the top spot, with Quiz Kid Donnie Smith, Quiztina Aguilera, and Forrest Gump’s 21st Century Adventure tied below. 

But it only took one more round to set us up for a real contest, as Bad News took first place in Round Two with a clutch double, with Quiztina Aguilera securing the second seat. 

Bad News managed to hold onto their lead throughout Round 4, with Here for the Host sneaking up to second place before the break. Then it was time to celebrate National Cow Appreciation Day! We asked our teams to share photos of them appreciating cows, and Tequila Tots had the best shot of the bunch…so they won free shots!

Round 5 saw Quiztina Aguilera and All Hail the Magic Conch Alooloolooloo rise in the ranks. Bad News still held the high ground, but scores were tightening up in the latter half of the game!

As Round 6 came to a close, it was as tight a game as we’d seen, with Kingbeez and Here for the Host fighting it out for that third place spot. It would all come down to our final cheesy round. 

In a surprise twist, Kingbeez jumped into second, with Quiztina Aguilera locking up third. Bad News Care Bears secured their sweep of the game for a first place finish, and that as all she wrote!

Come join us every Tuesday at 8pm for more King Trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 22625 The Bad News Care Bears 76 18 1.000
2 40028 Kingbeez 64 17 0.944
3 Quiztina Aguilera 61 16 0.889
4 52545 Here for the Host 60 15 0.833
5 Quiz in my Pants 55 14 0.778
6 AJR 54 13 0.722
7 All Hail the magic Conch Alooloolooloo 53 12 0.667
8 Forrest Gump’s 21st Century Adventure 52 11 0.611
9 72345 Tequila Tots 51 10 0.556
10 quiz khalifa 47 9 0.500
11 720 of Emotions 44 8 0.444
12 We thought tonight was bingo 39 7 0.389
13 73430 Funemployed 33 6 0.333
14 64994 Keeping up with the Calrissians 30 5 0.278
15 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 29 4 0.222
16 Obi Wan Can Blo Me 28 2 0.139
16 Idolatry Hour 28 2 0.139
18 73431 Pigeon Pals 20 1 0.056
19 73428 Mickey and the Kids 12 0 0.000