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Wed Jul 27 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

A balmy Wednesday evening struck the Valley, and it was like stepping back in time…all the way to the 1980s. That’s right, you gnarly NoHo-ians. It’s time for a special King Trivia event at Idle Hour!

With 3 amazing prizes up for grabs, it was no surprise to see most of NoHo turn out in their flashiest slap bracelets and joggers. But who had eaten the right Breakfast Club to give them the Weird Science they’d need to be the Top Gun? Who was ready to bless some rains down in Africa? Only the challenge of trivia could divide the winners from the posers. 

Round One of course left a massive tie at the top, as these were no squares. They knew their general knowledge well enough, but what about kids’ movies?

Round Two witnessed the rise of two trivia titans: Addicted to Love and Brindsay. Would their doubles be enough to keep them from the rest of the pack?

In fact, they would! Following Round Four, Brindsay had stepped into the lead by just a few points! With things heating up so much, we were in desperate need of a drinking game. 

During our Drink Round, we asked a no holds barred question about the 1988 movie Bloodsport! With the best guess by just a hair, Breakfast Club took the free shots! 

Round Five saw the teams growing closer and closer together with only a few points separating our top ten teams. With two rounds to go, this was anybody’s game.

Round Six tasked our teams with combining 1980s movies with their locations; a tall ask, to be sure. When the dust settled, after a few technical issues, we sorted out the new leaders…The Shpeilbergs, Brindsay, and Addicted to Love! With mere points between them, it was time for as TENSE a round as we’ve ever seen!

However, it was the knowledge of 1980s directors that flipped the script entirely for our top tier teams. Brindsay ended up with the big win, followed by Addicted to Love and a fully powered Flux Capacitors!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 74348 Brindsay 61 16 1.000
2 Addicted to love 59 15 0.938
3 The Flux Capacitors 58 14 0.875
4 74354 The Shpielbergs 55 13 0.813
5 Lands Lamda Lamda 49 12 0.750
6 74340 The Know Nothings 44 10 0.656
6 Bueller Bueller Bueller Bueller 44 10 0.656
8 40028 Kingbeez 43 9 0.563
9 22859 No Shitty Glasses 40 8 0.500
10 29438 The Codependency Crew Does the 80’s 39 7 0.438
11 Captain Chunk 38 6 0.375
12 74344 The Breakfast Club 36 5 0.313
13 74342 Hellfire Club 32 4 0.250
14 74346 Only Mostly Dead 27 3 0.188
15 Team Traci 26 2 0.125
16 74351 Class of Sixteen Candles 24 1 0.063
17 18th Century Models 16 0 0.000