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Tue Sep 6 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

The heat might be breaking, but the intensity at Idle Hour knows no such limits. With the tables packed to the brim with eager champions, we set out on an adventure of trivial proportions. That’s right, it’s time for more King Trivia!

14 teams arrived in our barrel of fun for some incredible quizzical action, bolstered by soft pretzels and cold beers. After Round One, Here for the Host (#humblebrag) took the top spot, followed by Jackyboys and the veteran Snark Squad. 

Round Two challenged the teams to identify movies featuring prisons. However, our scores hardly changed as these cinephiles rocked this round to pieces. 

In our Theme Round, Snark Squad saw an opportunity for a clutch double and leapt into first place, followed by Jackyboys earning second in the Fourth Round. It was quickly becoming a game of musical chairs across our leaderboard. 

Our literature-themed Drinking Round took our competitors on a journey through their summer reading lists, but in the end it was Glonk Chomp taking home some free shots!

Round Five left Snark Squad holding their lead, but now second was locked in a 4-way tie with Jackyboys, Rock Lobster, Win or Booze, and Here for the Host!

In Round Six, with an amazing double up, Here for the Host leapt into first place and set up a possible win, but Snark Squad and Rock Lobster weren’t willing to sit by and let this happen unchallenged. 

As the final questions tumbled into place, we crowned our winners. Here for Host held the high score, but our leaderboard belonged to Snark Squad, Rock Lobster, and Win or Booze!


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Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 52545 Here for the Host 58 11 1.000
2 32145 Snark Squad 47 10 0.909
3 77416 Rock Lobsters 46 9 0.818
4 75268 Win or Booze 44 8 0.727
5 Jackyboys 37 7 0.636
6 Glonk Chomp 36 6 0.545
7 Quizknows 31 4 0.409
7 Olivia Be Wildin’ 31 4 0.409
9 77415 720 of emotions 27 3 0.273
10 68743 The Hooligans 24 2 0.182
11 Bells of the Brawl 23 1 0.091
12 Beach babies 11 0 0.000