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Tue Nov 1 2022
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

The night after Halloween is always tricky. You’re tired from an epic party the evening before, you still have leftover makeup in the corners of your face, and your blood is still 90% sugar. Sounds like the perfect time for a little KING TRIVIA if you asked me!

22 teams wore their Tuesday best for the greatest show in all of NoHo. With seven rounds of intense trivia staring down at them like an angry boulder, they set out to prove they were the best in the land. 

Round One was tougher than many were expecting, which led them to hold back on a double even though over ten teams had perfect scores. The four brave teams jumping to the lead were The Hooligans, Algorithm & Blues, Shrub, and Boats n Goats.

Round Two put our teams’ sleuthing skills to the test as they tried to guess the names of famous spokespeople. While most of the guesses were successful, only Algorithm & Blues had the nerve to double and they took a massive jump to the top of the board. 

Rounds Three and Four saw Algorithm hold their lead, but Kingbeez and Quiz Kid Donnie Smith rocketed to a tie at second and third moments later! It was shaping up to be a tighter game than any had predicted. 

For our Drinking Round, we celebrated National Author Day and had our teams give us 6-word stories Ala Hemingway. You can read them all below!


Warning. Low flying Owl. Lost Chihuahua. 

Worst of Tim has no Tim.

The last human. The door knocked. 

I woke up and chose violence. 

They came, they saw, they conquered (they plagiarized).

Girls play alone, don’t know Himalayas. 

Bald man, big voice, very attractive (QM’s obvious favorite).

Heidi Klum was a freaking worm!

Ambience is here, let’s drink beer. (Bonus points for rhyme)

Tainted dinner, perilous flow, not Shirley. 

Trivia King chooses guitar losers team (a bit inside baseball)

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t…

They came, they guessed, they won. 

What is the point of today (existentially terrifying!)


Our winners, The Bugle, also had to break a tie by guessing the correct date from National Author’s Day, securing their free shots. 

Round Five saw Quiz Kid Donnie Smith edge closer and closer to that top spot. It was growing into a slugfest!

Round Six was the great shakeup, as Hot Diggity Dog came out of nowhere to leap into first place, only one point away from Algorithm & Blues and just a few above Quiz Kid. Kingbeez slipped into fourth and needed a massive boost to get back into it. 

Our final round was all about Tarantino, and there were a few fans in the house! Numerous teams got perfect scores…but only a few were brave enough to double. 

Our winners were Hot Diggity Dog, Quiz Kid Donnie Smith, and Algorithm & Blues!


Come join us next Tuesday for more trivia action. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 23325 Hot Diggity Dogs 76 21 1.000
2 27554 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 67 20 0.952
3 35457 Algorithm & Blues 65 19 0.905
4 40028 Kingbeez 63 18 0.857
5 63257 Banshees of Burbank 61 17 0.810
6 Shrub 52 16 0.762
7 Thunderstorm 50 15 0.714
8 81771 Boats n Goats 44 14 0.667
9 77957 The Bugle 41 12 0.595
9 68743 The Hooligans 41 12 0.595
11 Benis Palls 36 11 0.524
12 66730 Emergency Food: Halloween Ends 34 10 0.476
13 55668 not here to make friends 33 8 0.405
13 81759 Quizzy McGuire 33 8 0.405
15 72345 Tequila Tots 32 7 0.333
16 77415 720 of emotions 31 6 0.286
17 10518 It was the best of times, it was the worst of Tim 30 5 0.238
18 81765 You Jump, I Jump, Jack 27 3 0.167
18 52545 Here for the Host 27 3 0.167
20 dangerous nights crew 18 2 0.095
21 Nittany lions 15 1 0.048
22 Broken Story 9 0 0.000