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Tue Feb 14 2023
| by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

Valentine’s Day is for the lovers, but tonight it became a battlefield for the precocious paramours of questions and answers. That’s right, the monarch of mystery descended on Idle Hour for a special Love Day evening of KING TRIVIA!

25 teams gathered in couples, thruples, and groups so numerous they begot new terms of polyamory. Each arrived with only one goal in mind: Total Victory!

Round One warmed up their quizzical muscles with some easy questions (although we all learned something about the proper Greek name for Cupid). A massive tie left many wondering who could rise to the top of this trivia triangle. 

Round Two was a boon for our celebrity-aware crowd. However, no one was keen to drop another double, so we ended with a three-way tie: Ladies Who Lunch, It was the best of times, it was the worst of Tim, and Drunk in Public!

Round Three had us all singing “Baby Shark” (much to the chagrin of the staff). Best of Tim took the early lead and hoped to hold out through the rest of the show. 

Round Four seemed to be a gift to our Philosophy majors in the house, as Hooligans snuck in to grab the title away from Tim. 

For Valentine’s Day, we asked our teams to express a little self love and give us the best pickup line they would use…on themselves. Emergency Food delivered perhaps the strangest combination of confidence and prop work with, “What’s your sign? I’m a spicies.” And then they handed me a  cup of tobacco sauce. 

For our Drinking Round, we asked our teams which English poet is credited with inventing Valentine’s Day. English majors The Weiners had the answer in their back pocket and took the free shots!

Round Five had our teams stretching into position as they tried to find the connection between some rather odd answers. Best of Tim jumped back into the lead, with Drunk in Public only a point behind. 

Round Six proved that our teams watch a little too much celebrity gossip, but it meant that our leader board remained unchanged going into the final showdown. 

Round Seven proved one thing more than anything else: Some of our players are too young to know America’s sweetheart, Meg Ryan. They were throwing out movies that features any blonde actress. However, a few managed to eke out a point in the end. 

As the dust settled, we crowned our Valentine’s Day winners: Drunk in Public, It was the best of times, it was the worst of Tim, and The Hooligans!



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Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17981 Drunk in Public 78 22 1.000
2 10518 It was the best of times, it was the worst of Tim 77 21 0.955
3 68743 The Hooligans 67 20 0.909
4 Sarah & Pete 62 19 0.864
5 40028 Kingbeez 60 18 0.818
6 Two Girls, One Pint 59 17 0.773
7 89720 Ladies Who Lunch 57 15 0.705
7 89729 Beckster 57 15 0.705
9 89738 The Weiners 56 14 0.636
10 66730 Emergency Food: How to Be Single Slice American Cheese 53 13 0.591
11 89724 Team Charcuterie 48 12 0.545
12 14940 It’s Quizness Time 45 11 0.500
13 52545 Here for the Host 44 10 0.455
14 77415 720 of emotions 42 9 0.409
15 Move over Jay Z, It's Gay Z 40 8 0.364
16 The Three Hackmigos 34 7 0.318
17 Banana bear 31 6 0.273
18 89721 4 Ball 25 5 0.227
19 89731 Sweety Potatoes 23 4 0.182
20 89735 Trash pandas 21 3 0.136
21 86609 The Wiggly Wombatz 19 2 0.091
22 Highland Park Hoes 11 1 0.045
23 Trader Hoes 10 0 0.000