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Thu Aug 18 2022
| by Quizmaster Melissa Dahlstrom

It was another busy night at JJ Pfister Distilling Company and the hot weather guaranteed me a lot of company indoors (except for a couple of teams that braved the heat on the patio).  Our teams were grilled on questions that ranged from movie sequels to the Twilight series (thank you King Trivia for making me relive that part of my youth).  Up until our fifth round, we had a back and forth between a number of teams, but in round five returning team The Faculty and newcomers Rye on a Rock both pulled off a double or nothing that broke them out of the pack.  However, a follow up double or nothing during our sixth round put Rye on a Rock firmly in the first place position.  It all came down to our list round, which asked our teams about the most popular water brands in the world.

In the end, Rye on a Rock were able to hold onto their first place spot while The Faculty (who allowed me to pay the dog tax with a pic of their dog Winter) took second place.  Team O’Donnell won the mystery bag of the night and let me uncover the mystery with them.  Come around on Thursdays at 6:30 for some trivia fun and delicious cocktails!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 75939 Rye on a rock 62 11 1.000
2 66141 The Faculty 56 10 0.909
3 42453 Whiskey N Wits 52 9 0.818
4 75938 Defector’s 47 8 0.727
5 75940 The mentalists 43 7 0.636
6 75941 Stang Gang 38 6 0.545
7 75936 The Files the FBI Didn’t Find 25 5 0.455
8 Brain Drained 22 4 0.364
9 ZOLTAN 21 3 0.273
10 75390 Hanging with my Gnomies! 19 1 0.136
10 ODonnell 19 1 0.136
12 Jim’s Heroes 5 0 0.000