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Thu Apr 20 2023
| by Quizmaster Charles DeAngelus

Thanks to our teams for coming out to JJ Pfister on 4/20 for trivia tonight! Our teams tonight were quizzed on...well, lets be honest....there were a lot of questions about weed. Like a lot. And there were no questions about the NBA playoffs, which was clearly on everyones minds!!

Congrats to the Faculty and We drink & don’t know things for taking first and second (winning teams must be present at the end of the game to win prizes) who will be attending the 4th Annual Taco Throw Down this weekend (sponsored by JJ Pfister, of course!) 

Also congrats to Peaches for taking next-to-last place and some sweet mystery swag! As always, its a pleasure to be your trivia host. Light the Beam!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 92813 The Faculty 53 4 1.000
2 83919 Pablo EscoBear 42 3 0.750
3 96331 We drink & don’t know things 32 2 0.500
4 Peaches 23 1 0.250
5 The Diddlers 19 0 0.000