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Joe’s Café is a true creation by the hands of the owners, Joe and Aliceon. They had a vision of a café with a modern, comfortable and very friendly atmosphere. Everything being homemade, from the light fixtures to the pastry cabinet, they created what they think to be perfect dining experience. Their “homemade” décor plays into Chef Joe’s style of cooking, ALL homemade. Joe takes pride in the simple style of cooking…


Food Done Good.



Tue Sep 11 2018
| by Quizmaster Mark Youngs

On the day we will never forget, it was refreshing to see that folks can still get out and have a good time even in the face of sorrow and pain. This was a night when Joe's Cafe would get on the King Trivia map, with 5 enthusiastic teams and solid competition. A few newcomers tried us on for size and claimed their eagerness to return in earnest. Wouldn't it be nice if this night is the night that sets the pace for Joe's Cafe as a King Trivia stronghold.

Banana Pie Lords jumped out to a comfortable lead with the only double in round 1. They held that lead as Mental Floss and Fearsome Fivesome duked it out behind them.

Fivesome steadily closed the gap on BPL, with Floss lurking in 3rd. They closed to within 3 points after round 5.

Nearly everyone was perfect in round 6. However, all 3 front-runners missed a game-changing opportunity by not doubling. Had any one of them doubled, it would have sealed the game for them. That being said, BPL was able to hold off Fivesome to take the game, while Floss came up up a bit short to finish 3rd.

Congratulations Banana Pie Lords. Hope to see you next week.

A nice fun night to wrap up a day encompassed in reverie, deep thought, and boundless conversation of the tragedy of 9/11.

Never Forget.



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12430 Banana Pie Lords 49 4 1.000
2 12587 Fearsome Fivesome 48 3 0.750
3 16371 Mental Floss 42 2 0.500
4 Never Forget 32 1 0.250
5 The KTs 28 0 0.000