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Meet friends, old or new, at The Kinney SLO’s all-new restaurant - Leroy’s. Whether it’s for a bite, a drink or two, or a game, you'll be glad you did. Leroy's offers a laid-back atmosphere for casual drinks and San Luis Obispo dining with plenty of personality.



Beer & Wine on Tap = Glass Half Full


With an ever-rotating selection of the very best local draft beers and Central Coast vintages for red, white, and rosé lovers alike, fill it on up. Our self-serve mode will have you coming back again and again. Build your own flight or simply taste your way to a new found favorite. Check back regularly for our monthly featured pours, always available by the ounce!


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For that one friend who always brings up that one time, we say challenge accepted. From vintage Skee-Ball to Connect Four to Scrabble, winner takes all. Enjoy plenty of indoor action, or take things outside on The Quad for even more fun.


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Our San Luis Obispo restaurant near downtown offers an array of made-to-order dishes designed to satisfy from sunrise to last call. Executive Chef Adam Measurall puts an elevated twist on pub-style classics with house favorites like our Smoked Bacon IPA Mac n' Cheese, Molasses SLO Brined 1/2 Chicken, and Farmer's Market Chop Salad. Need a recommendation? Just ask. Leroy's is open daily for breakfast, and dinner.



Wed Jan 22 2020
| by Quizmaster Stefan Thom

Tonight was a momentous night. My co-host and trainee tonight Ben-E shared hosting duties with me, we had a bunch of regular teams in the house and the questions were on point! Let's see what shenanigans unfolded...


Round 1

  • Favorite moment: Tunisia is a country - not a volcano.

Round 2

  • Favorite moment: LDS is short for... Later Day Saints. Not some form of IBS.

Round 3

  • Favorite moment: When a team submitted "Cow" as an answer for the round about SHEEPS and WOLVES...

Round 4

  • Favorite moment: When Cartel de los Soles submitted their CORRECT answer even before I finished the FIRST CLUE.

Round 5

  • Favorite moment: Thinking about how great Squeeze is - loved playing all their tunes after this round just as a refresher.

Round 6

  • Favorite moment: Watching proudly as Ben-E nailed this round.

Round 7

  • Favorite moment: Hearing the rooms reactions to how bad Ice Cubes are as gum! Wow! HAHA


Great night - Ben-E is going to make some Quizmaster!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 23375 Mark 56 8 1.000
2 23922 Jalapeño Business 52 7 0.875
3 Toss a coin to your quizzer 47 6 0.750
4 Goodbye Blue Monday 39 5 0.625
5 23920 Freddy’s Team 36 4 0.500
6 Cartel de los Soles 34 3 0.375
7 Dinosaurs and Sluts 27 2 0.250
8 Team Princess #1 25 1 0.125
9 Dude Where's the Bar 19 0 0.000