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3630 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach CA 90807
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About Liberation Brewing Co

Greetings, partisans! Like you, we heard the siren song, girded our loins, and joined the cause. The cause of absolute devotion to local craft beer. Three former mild mannered chaps born and raised in Long Beach, CA. became brewing zealots, howling at the heavens:


Our brewery, forged from equal parts Mos Eisley cantina and a Tom Waits fever dream, is a mighty 5 barrel production facility with tasting room. A safe haven for workers, story tellers, shamans, down-n-out detectives, street samurai, graffiti artists, revolutionaries, punks, drunks, con artists, and pirates. Sit for a pint and a tale… or three. Cheers!



Thu Mar 10 2022
| by Quizmaster Alex Laffoon

Tonight is a special night here at Liberation Brewery. We have a special guest and his name is Michael! He was shadowing me tonight so that he can become a host at his own venue. 

We all had a great time with folks being very competitive with trivia. We even had a drinking round tonight! Shoutout to team Mullet Mafia! for not only winning tonight's game with 49 points, but for also winning the drinking round for doing the best Mario (from Super Mario Brothers) impression. Shoutout to Jamie!

Until next week folks, it's been your QM Alex!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 56148 Mullet Mafia! 49 5 1.000
2 50396 Coco’s Squad 45 4 0.800
3 41245 Quizrophenia 42 3 0.600
4 29461 Menace to Sobriety 41 2 0.400
5 17238 Dim Bulbs 33 1 0.200
6 56152 40+ Crew 31 0 0.000