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Brewer and Co-Owner, Patrick Dunn, began as an avid beer lover and home brewer who exited the film industry to follow his passion and open Lincoln Beer Company in 2014.  Starting in just his garage in Los Angeles, he brewed with a mission to bring well-balanced and unique flavor profiles to the masses. With only a year of commercial brewing under his belt, Patrick is navigating the craft beer industry and its consumers and producing a number of unfiltered IPAs, pale ales and even a habanero vanilla red. 



Thu Aug 2 2018
| by Quizmaster Hannabelle Stanbridge

"Jerry. Jerry. Jerry" was the chant I could hear in my head every time I spoke into the mic. The delay from what I was saying to the speakers made me feel like God...then the cut out every second word made me feel like I was being censored*. I was confused and my throat hurt and I even tried dancing to make the microphone work.

But then I looked at Helen Kellers Book Club and Commonwealth Wangs as they fiddled with knobs (not the dirty kind) on the mixing desk for two straight hours trying to help. My eyes glanced to Hodge Podge and Percolator who kept laughing as I cracked jokes (with words missing) and Beaver Cam with the patience of saints, my eyes wandered down the an answer sheet where Raaar! (like a dinosaur) had written both 'eggplant' and 'aubergine', and I knew I had to go on!

And I did, and the players did...and somehow we kicked the ass out of the trivia night!

Boo Sound. Yey teams!


*the sound system was not cutting out because I am Scottish and I was swearing too much!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12782 Hodge Podge 65 12 1.000
2 11831 Beaver Cam 64 11 0.917
3 14660 Commonwealth Wangs 59 10 0.833
4 Turbo Flamas 57 9 0.750
5 15579 Percolator 56 8 0.667
6 Raaah! (like a dinosaur) 55 7 0.583
7 Team of 1 (plus 4) 40 6 0.500
8 14089 Quizzin' for the Lord 35 5 0.417
9 Big Stiffs 33 4 0.333
10 15396 Helen Keller's Book Club 26 3 0.250
11 Bob Hops Airport 7 2 0.167
12 Dylans Angels 6 1 0.083
13 Dr Nick Tri-viara 5 0 0.000