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Brewer and Co-Owner, Patrick Dunn, began as an avid beer lover and home brewer who exited the film industry to follow his passion and open Lincoln Beer Company in 2014.  Starting in just his garage in Los Angeles, he brewed with a mission to bring well-balanced and unique flavor profiles to the masses. With only a year of commercial brewing under his belt, Patrick is navigating the craft beer industry and its consumers and producing a number of unfiltered IPAs, pale ales and even a habanero vanilla red. 



Thu Aug 16 2018
| by Quizmaster Darrel Haynes

This game was definitely the most conservative game I've ever hosted with only 2 doubles attempted, 1 of those being successful. This politeness might have stemmed from the fact that the questions were difficult, but victory was nonetheless glorious!

Hodge Podge had a tougher night than usual, but their time to shine was in round 4, guessing the correct person way before any other teams. This threw them in 1st until they lost the lead in round 6 & they end the game with a heartbreaker, losing to 2nd by 1 point. They finish in 3rd, taking the bronze!

Quizzin' for the Lord also with a tougher night, but they hilariously had their best round in the Devil round, where you matched the movie to the actor that played the Devil. When quizzin' it pays to know your enemy well as they proved with a perfect score that round (should've doubled). Every point proved to be very valuable though, as they take 2nd by 1 point! Earning the silver!

RAAAH! (Like A Dinosaur) showed some impressive perseverance tonight as they recover from a -1 in round 4 (where they lost the lead) with a score of 9 in round 5 & then the ONLY SUCCESSFUL DOUBLE OF THE GAME in round 6! That double pushed them far ahead & they glide into 1st, taking the gold & becoming the champions of the night!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14293 RAAAH! (Like A Dinosaur) 52 7 1.000
2 14089 Quizzin' for the Lord 43 6 0.857
3 12782 Hodge Podge 42 5 0.714
4 14008 Master Debaters 35 4 0.571
5 15396 Helen Keller's Book Club 30 3 0.429
6 IPA Gang 27 2 0.286
7 Da Siylvias 3 1 0.143
8 We Just Got Here 1 0 0.000