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Brewer and Co-Owner, Patrick Dunn, began as an avid beer lover and home brewer who exited the film industry to follow his passion and open Lincoln Beer Company in 2014.  Starting in just his garage in Los Angeles, he brewed with a mission to bring well-balanced and unique flavor profiles to the masses. With only a year of commercial brewing under his belt, Patrick is navigating the craft beer industry and its consumers and producing a number of unfiltered IPAs, pale ales and even a habanero vanilla red. 



Thu Sep 6 2018
| by Quizmaster Stevie Lukaszewski

This was it. The last hoorah at Lincoln.

In the first two rounds the scores were all pretty even with the exception of the Master Debaters and Hodge Podge leading the pack with successful double downs.

By round 6 Quizzin for the Lord caught up to them. The final round brought them into 2nd place right behind Master Debaters.

Hellen Keller's Book Club slowly and steadily crept their way into third place!

Congrats everyone!

This was our last round at Lincoln.

The final show.

This was a wonderful evening. I've thoroughly enjoyed hosting here because some of the kindest teams I've ever encountered have played here.

Thank you all for making my Thursday nights something to look forward to.



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14008 Master Debaters 81 10 1.000
2 14089 Quizzin' for the Lord 74 9 0.900
3 15396 Helen Keller's Book Club 70 8 0.800
4 12782 Hodge Podge 68 7 0.700
5 14293 RAAAH! (Like A Dinosaur) 64 6 0.600
6 15579 Percolator 59 5 0.500
7 Cheez Quiz-a-dilla 57 4 0.400
8 14558 Back to Brisket 51 3 0.300
9 Sad Bitches 39 1 0.150
9 Ssssssssnakes..... 39 1 0.150
11 Butch Princesses 29 0 0.000