Little Bar

757 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90036
(323) 937-9210
  • Saturdays @ 7:30pm
About Little Bar

With the feel of a New England Style bar set in the middle of Los Angeles, Little Bar serves updeliciously creative cocktails, and touts 18 beer taps, predominantly employed with craft beers. There's always an interesting selection of bottle beers and an ever-changing wine selection, as well.

The jukebox has 1,000's of song selections that you can listen to while you play a game of darts on one of the two steel tip dart boards adorning the wall in the back.

Little Bar has also been featured on HBO and Showtime's "Entourage" and "Shameless" as well as getting a fabulous makeover on HGTV's "The Antonio Treatment".

Parties and celebrations are welcome!



Sat Mar 2 2019
| by Quizmaster Christopher Handschuch

A busy busy night at little bar as teams were avoiding the rain by drinking some brewskis and playing some trivia.

Regulars and non-regulars alike converged to agree that Round 5 was one of the toughest connections in recent history as a record ONE team managed to figure out that "terriers" was the underlying theme. Golf claps to our first place team, Tapioca Pudding, who managed to coast on that successful round all the way through to game's end.

In tonight's drinking round, we had to consider Steven Spielberg's recent comments about Netflix movies by seeing whether we knew what kind of films they were cranking out. Compiling a list of Netflix original movies and then simply making up a bunch of random names, your trusty Quizmaster and Chill had teams compete to try and guess whether the title was one they could add to their queue or a total phony. Each team's Chosen One had two little slips of paper - one for N (Netflix) and the other with "No Chill" written on it. After the title was read, they had 5 seconds to make their decisions. In the end, it turns out the Gay Agenda is binging all the right things because they won a round of shots from our wonderful bartenders.

We ended the night on a happy notes as teams guessed every member of the Brady Bunch and while many forgot Greg or Mike - nobody forgot the backbone of that entire clan: the ever faithful maid, Alice.

Another great night of trivia at little bar - come join us next week (if you can find a seat!)

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10744 Tapioca Pudding 87 23 1.000
2 10086 We Got Nothing 77 22 0.957
3 The Episode of Frasier Where Frasier Has Sex 67 21 0.913
4 17952 SloMoFos 65 20 0.870
5 Team Saunders 62 18 0.804
5 11516 Sun. Assembly Required 62 18 0.804
7 13079 The Gene Pool 60 17 0.739
8 Mom's in Town 55 16 0.696
9 Destiny's Children 50 15 0.652
10 Clutch City 47 14 0.609
11 The Troglodytes 46 13 0.565
12 Youth Basketball 44 12 0.522
13 The Gay Agenda 39 11 0.478
14 Glenn Close Was Robbed 38 10 0.435
15 Raisin Brann 36 8 0.370
15 Meet Me in the Bathroom 36 8 0.370
17 EK MK 34 7 0.304
18 Ice Box 33 6 0.261
19 10 Pints 32 5 0.217
20 Chris Borros for Life 31 4 0.174
21 Summer of George 28 3 0.130
22 Class of 2019 27 2 0.087
23 Hot Town, Mr Kitty 26 1 0.043
24 Jordyn Woods 23 0 0.000