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Longmont CO 80501
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About Longmont Public House

When a fine dining Chef decides to take the edge off and open a classic Public House:


For years, I have worked and thrived in fine dining restaurants, and during the last few years I knew I wanted to open my own place. I dreamed of a restaurant that combined all the types and styles of food & beverage, as well as overall restaurant brands that I frequented the most – restaurants and pubs that provided excellence in consistency and quality at a fair price based on the overall experience and environment.


I knew I couldn’t’ let go of all the detail and intensity of running a fine dining restaurant, such as my love of the freshest product available, carefully cared for local ingredients and an educated staff to execute my service vision. I wanted to keep the things I liked about fine dining (service excellence, outstanding food quality, specialty cocktails, local craft beer, a thoughtful wine list, etc.) and dump all the stuffiness of fine dining; reservations, stiff, coarse service and a menu that requires exhaustive explanation with shocking prices.


The result is Longmont Public House, a Longmont restaurant and Longmont bar, named for the traditional pubs and local restaurants as a place that serves as an extension of our community gathering places for anyone seeking house made food and hand-crafted drink. The Longmont Public House menu plays to good food, delicious drinks and a warm, comfortable environment while applying the philosophy of top quality food products to a more casual dining setting. We present to you what we believe will take its place as the best restaurant in Longmont.



Wed May 16 2018
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

This week's game was a great one for two reasons; one, there was a full house which always makes for a fun atmosphere, and two, the lead jumped back and forth among several teams all night to make the competition exciting. In the end the night was almost won by a group of first-timers!

No fewer than 4 teams hit on a double-or-nothing bid in Round 1: Brown Chicken, Brown Cow, Kids Under The Table, Longmont Analytica, and MGBK. Brown Chicken and Analytica each got 6 out of 8 in the picture round to share a 1-point lead after two rounds, at which point the real fun began. Kids Under The Table and Spork each hit a successful double-or-nothing in Round 3, moving The Kids into 1st place by 5 in front of Analytica and 6 in front of Brown Chicken. Longmont Ananlytica, #momjeans and Spork all got 8 points in the Guess Who round to jump Analytica into 1st place, with Brown Chicken 3 points back and both Kids Under The Table and Spork 4 points behind.

*Two things worth mentioning here: MGBK correctly answered the 10-point clue in Round 4, and first timers Band Of Bezonians were at this point dead last, with 14 points through 4 rounds and a full 10 points behind the 6th-place team*

In Round 5 (Find The Connection), Band of Bezonians, Brown Chicken and MGBK each successfully doubled, moving Brown Chicken into 1st place by 2 points in front of MGBK, with Longmont Analytica 11 points back in 3rd. Brown Chicken's 9 out of 10 in Round 6 moved them a point further ahead of MGBK (60-57), while a 2nd consecutive successful double by the Bezonians moved them into 3rd with 54 points; a failed double try by Kids Under The Table dropped them out of the running.

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow scored 9 in the final round, leaving the door open for others; being unsure about one of the answers, they elected (wisely, as it turned out) not to double. Fully 5 teams out of 7 hit successful doubles in the final round: MGBK, Band of Bezonians, Spork, #momjeans and Kids Under The Table. The first two of those vaulted past Brown Chicken, who faltered late to finish third. All credit and congratulations to MGBK, who won the night with an excellent late push. But I must also point out first-timers Band Of Bezonians; trailing the field by a wide margin after 4 rounds and sitting on 14 points, they doubled successfully in each of the final 3 rounds, scoring 60 points and leaping into 2nd place (3 points behind the winners).

Thanks to all who played, and to the great staff at LPH, for an entertaining night. See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13380 MGBK 77 6 1.000
2 14834 Band of Bezonians 74 5 0.833
3 13539 Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 69 4 0.667
4 13454 Spork 62 3 0.500
5 13541 #momjeans 60 2 0.333
6 13225 The Kids Under The Table 58 1 0.167
7 14379 Longmont Analytica 56 0 0.000