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Since the 9th century, the Viking longship has been a symbol and a vessel of exploration, trade, and cultural exchange. The pride of the nordic people was their ability to cross the oceans in ways that no other people had done before. With the curiosity of the unknown, this guided them to uncover the world's riches, solidifying their place in history. 



It is this same drive of exploration that fills the sails of Longship Brewery.  We strive to seek out daring and bold ingredients and style combinations. Pushing the limits in order to create uniquely strong smooth flavors with a fearless determination to uncover new lands. Join us on our journey as we at Longship Brewery sail into the foamy unknown.


Tue Mar 6 2018
| by Quizmaster Cory Brin

It was the first night of King Trivia moving to 6:30 and the return of the Beer Round! We had a lot of teams and a lot of fun.

We talked hockey, we talked acronyms, we talked scales, and all was well and good until we got to the final round. In this round there was an explosion of double or nothings (some successful; some not) that threw the final scores into chaos. When the dust settled, we had two new two teams, unseating the teams that held the top two spots throughout the rest of the night.

1st: The Brain, That's 2 Kicks
2nd: Did We Win? 
3rd: Pickle Rick!!

For our Beer Round, and in honor of the recent Olympics, we asked our teams to make up an event for the Viking Olympics that they would be the gold medal favorites for. This week's winner - The Indifferent Penguins with their response: Actual Skeleton Skeleton.

We hope everyone had a blast and we would love to see everyone back next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13799 The Brain, That's Two Kicks 60 9 1.000
2 13809 Did We Win? 59 8 0.889
3 12750 Pickle Rick !! 53 7 0.778
4 11696 Indifferent Penguins 51 6 0.667
5 Batteries Not Included 50 5 0.556
6 12245 POPCORN SHRIMP 32 4 0.444
7 My Trivia Partner Doesn't Know This is a Date 30 3 0.333
8 What's the Dog's Name? 27 2 0.222
9 12182 Hawaiian Time 25 1 0.111
10 Hit It & Quiz It 17 0 0.000