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Since the 9th century, the Viking longship has been a symbol and a vessel of exploration, trade, and cultural exchange. The pride of the nordic people was their ability to cross the oceans in ways that no other people had done before. With the curiosity of the unknown, this guided them to uncover the world's riches, solidifying their place in history. 



It is this same drive of exploration that fills the sails of Longship Brewery.  We strive to seek out daring and bold ingredients and style combinations. Pushing the limits in order to create uniquely strong smooth flavors with a fearless determination to uncover new lands. Join us on our journey as we at Longship Brewery sail into the foamy unknown.


Tue Apr 24 2018
| by Quizmaster Cory Brin

It was nice to be back after last week's car issues. We missed everyone, but glad to get back to the trivia fun. We had a few teams return to action after absence, and it was wonderful to see them as well. 

We had spirited competition, but after round one, three teams had gotten perfect scores with double or nothing honors, and it was these three teams that ended up taking the top three spots when all was said and done:

Third - We Drink and We Know Things
Second - Pickle Rick!!
First - Indifferent Penguins 

We also had a team join us about half way through the game, and named themselves aptly, "The Late Cummers." They ended up with a decent amount of points as well as the beer round, which is quite impressive. 

We hope to see everyone back next week. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11696 Indifferent Penguins 58 12 1.000
2 12750 Pickle Rick !! 54 11 0.917
3 14525 We drink and we know things 49 10 0.833
4 12245 POPCORN SHRIMP 44 8 0.708
4 14348 Blue Barracudas 44 8 0.708
6 Shortboat 43 7 0.583
7 Alaska Took Our 41 6 0.500
8 13809 Did We Win? 36 5 0.417
9 B Team 34 4 0.333
10 Stacy's Mom 33 3 0.250
11 14112 NORSE CODE 32 2 0.167
12 Late Cummers 18 1 0.083
13 Menace Hog 13 0 0.000