Lost Winds Brewing Company

924 Calle Negocio, STE C
San Clemente CA 92673
(949) 361-5922
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
About Lost Winds Brewing Company

San Clemente locals Tim Thralls, Andrew Mack and Tim Burke, founded Lost Winds Brewing Company on the idea that thoughtfully made craft beer can appeal to the masses – from casual beer drinkers that enjoy lighter ales to craft beer enthusiasts seeking hoppy IPAs, sours, stouts, saisons, and barrel-aged beers. We are excited to introduce you to our line-up with a focus on Belgian style beers.


Lost Winds Brewing Company is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, in a small beach town known as "the Spanish Village by the Sea". San Clemente has long been an idyllic place to surf world class breaks and hit the beach with friends. Tim Thralls, our managing partner and award winning home brewer, together with Brandon Winneker, our classically trained head brewer and Seahawks Junky are now helping to make San Clemente a world-class craft beer destination as well. [MEET THE CREW]




The ocean and the history of our California beach community are central components of Lost Winds Brewing Company. Our brewery is named after a local surf break and beach, Lost Winds, which many don't realize is named after a loose pronunciation of the street that leads to the staircase to Lost Winds Beach, “Calle Lasuen". Lost Winds, LW, Lasuens... all the same beach. Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuen himself was a Franciscan Priest and successor of Saint Junipero Serra. He founded nine of the iconic missions up and down the coast of California; and he is even responsible for introducing the classic Spanish adobe style ubiquitous around town and at all California missions.


Good surf, a classic beach community, a little bit of California history, and now great beer. We love where we live and can’t wait to see you at Lost Winds Brewing Company!



Tue Feb 15 2022
| by Quizmaster Jeffrey Manzer

Hey, team “Bozo Dubbed Over”, way to win the night! You guys have won three weeks in a row now, what’s your secret? Maybe genius runs in the family genes? It’s always fun to see families show up to play. Especially, fun to see families like the Moist team win free beer by showing off the “Ice Cube Luge” skills. That was a fun round and a great homage to the Winter Olympics. Whoever built that banister probably never thought it would be turned into a luge.


Also, shout out also to team Hokie Pokie, you guys have been coming to Trivia for 12 consecutive weeks! We love it.


Thanks as always to our fans who keep coming back for more. We will see ya soon.


Your QMs, Jeff + Kelly

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 34002 Bozo Dubbed Over 69 8 1.000
2 10962 Pitchers and catchers report 65 7 0.875
3 14204 DRY Funny Valentine 63 6 0.750
4 46205 Lager than Life 55 5 0.625
5 12865 Moist Congeniality 2 41 4 0.500
6 52488 Cabbage 35 3 0.375
7 45693 Paul’s least favorites 32 2 0.250
8 41310 Hokie poki 26 1 0.125
9 52492 Team milksteak 15 0 0.000