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Wed Oct 2 2019
| by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

What's more exciting than Halloween season?

Halloween season WITH King Trivia. And let me tell you our 12 teams had a great time battling their brain cells to see which one would go home with first place and prove that they were the MOST smartest!

A great big shoutout to "Bringing-Up-The-Rear." They were an adorable couple who had no idea trivia was on Wednesday nights BUT they played anyway. They may not have placed but they had a wonderful and fun attitude throughout the whole game.

"Wonder Woman" showed up to eat a steak salad but felt compelled to play since she knew a lot of the answers. She also won the Chili Cheese Fry Round but since she had an allergy to it, passed it off to "Basil and Honey" when they guessed the number she had in her head.

"Pussy Over Pancakes," an OB regular and favorite tried a Double or Nothing early on in the game which didn't work out for them. They tried to comeback by Doubling or Nothinging on a couple other rounds. But those didn't end up going their way either. It's ok. I still love my "Pussy Over Pancakes." And I'm gay! So that's saying something. #Mwah

I not only loved the team name, "Bud Lightyear," but I also liked how they went out on a limb on our final round with a Double or Nothing. Unfortunately, they ended up with nothing but I look forward to seeing them next time.

"El Porto's Best" were too hard on themselves. By the end of the game they changed their name to "El Porto's Worst." 😉 But I think they were anything but and hope they come back to play again.

Coming in THIRD place with 61 points was another returning fave, "Those Beaches" who played incredibly well by answering what they knew and played it safe with no Double or Nothings.

Another returning favorite, "Student Debt Ceiling," raised the "debt ceiling" (get it?!) and placed SECOND with 63 points.

"Typical A's Playoff Baseball" played like they were in the playoffs and it paid off because they came in FIRST with 66 points!

And a special thanks to the wait and bar staff at OB's for always making it fun! And of course, a BIG thank you to our teams! So looking forward to more October OB's KING TRIVIA!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10015 Typical A’s Playoff Baseball 66 9 1.000
2 21496 Student Debt Ceiling 63 8 0.889
3 21181 The Beaches 61 7 0.778
4 20897 Corner Pocket 41 4 0.556
4 Basil and Honey 41 4 0.556
4 Bud Lightyear 41 4 0.556
7 El Porto’s Best 37 3 0.333
8 22867 My Wife 35 2 0.222
9 17670 Pussy over Pancakes 34 1 0.111
10 Bringing-Up-The-Rear 21 0 0.000
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