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OB's Manhattan Beach is proud to be your local beach pub since 1985. We are dedicated to personal attention, great food, excellent drinks and always a good time.


Wed Dec 18 2019
| by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

OB's was in the Holiday Spirit as 10 teams competed in another fantastic game of King Trivia!

"Two Man Luge" came out to play and started the game really well leading the pack by Round 3. Unfortunately, they answered incorrectly in Round 4 and lost a point. "Candy Cane Lame," "Where's Cassidy," "Facts," "Do It for the Sam," and "Cornbread" all got the maximum amount of points in Round 4 guessing the famous person on the first clue! This tied "Do It for the Sam" and "Cornbread" for the lead. All that changed by the end of Round 5, however, when "Pussy Over Pancakes" DOUBLED their score going for the Double or Nothing. "POP" doubled their score AGAIN in our final round helping to skyrocket them to FIRST place and $40 towards their next OB's visit. Don't worry, "Do It for the Sam" came in SECOND AND $20 towards their next OB's visit!

And "Facts" won the Chili Cheese Fry Round! #yum

As always, thanks to Bonnie and the incredible team for always keeping everyone full and quenched. Happy Holidays, everyone. Until next time!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17670 Pussy over Pancakes 67 9 1.000
2 17193 Do It for the Sam 61 8 0.889
3 17394 Cornbread 54 6 0.722
3 Candy Cane Lame 54 6 0.722
5 23094 Bud Lightyear 48 4 0.500
5 Facts 48 4 0.500
7 20666 2-Man Luge 30 2 0.278
7 Where’s Cassidy 30 2 0.278
9 Max, Luigi, Kaila, and Bonnie 23 1 0.111
10 Frank and Bean 9 0 0.000
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