Pickwick's Pub

    21010 Ventura Blvd.
    Woodland Hills CA 91364
    (818) 340-9673
    • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 8:00pm


    Wed Dec 11 2019
    | by Quizmaster Daniel Bliley

    Another fun Wednesday night at Pickwick's Pub in Woodland Hills for along Trivia! We even had a quizmaster audition in the mix! Way to go Adam! Hope you have a long and successful King Trivia career! Certain

    For the Drinking Round, teams had to send a player up to play a "Minute to Win It" game where they had to place pencils on the back of their hand, flip them up in the air, and catch them without letting any of the pencils hit the ground. Whichever team caught the most pencils would win. If a team dropped a pencil, than only the pencils caught counted. Able to catch 13 pencils successfully, the Brainy Vixens won the Drinking Round and a round of shots? Whoop whoop!

    Coming in third place was Hanky Panky who just edged out the Brainy Vixens by 3 points to take home the $10 gift certificate. HP scores 68 points. Good job you guys!

    Scoring 73 points and taking home the 2nd place prize of a $20 gift certificate were the Mighty Mighty Puffins! Surprisingly, they didn't come in first place this week!

    The team that did come in first was the appropriately named The Winners of This Round, who won all the rounds with their 78 points, and they took home the first place prize $30 gift certificate with their win! Awesome job!

    That just about does it for King Trivia this week. Only one more King Trivia left in the year because there will not be a trivia night on Christmas or New Year's! So come on out to Pickwick's for the last one next week on the 18th! See you then!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 The Winners of This Round 78 7 1.000
    2 10518 Mighty mighty puffins 73 6 0.857
    3 10685 Hanky Panky 68 5 0.714
    4 Brainy Vixens 65 4 0.571
    5 21571 Kirkin' Chirpits 40 2 0.357
    5 Bristol Fashion 40 2 0.357
    7 Chee Chee Woo Woo 25 1 0.143
    8 Too Many Cars 20 0 0.000