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Wed Apr 10 2019
| by Quizmaster Johnny Vallone


The year - roughly 2009. The venue - this one. The event - my first ever bar trivia experience. So, here we are 10 years later and I'm guest HOSTING the exact same venue! Yes. I hear your sarcastic applause. You're right. I'm come so far in my life. Alright. That's enough out of you....


The players were ready to rock tonight! One of my favorite things about hosting is the competitive atmosphere...and with 6 registered teams and 3 more eager to was about to get crazy fierce!


In Round 1, four teams played it safe and did NOT double-up their perfect rounds. Ouch! But sometimes that is a good strategy...

After three rounds and a total possible 40 points, you knew the questions were driving everyone crazy since Touchy Feely held the highest score with only 26.

Round 4 aka Guess Who? was super difficult with most teams turning in their answers at the 2 point clue. "Never have I ever" seen that! (Way to stump 'em quiz staff writers *clap* clap*)

By the time Round 5 - Find the Connection came around, things started to get quite serious. Teams needed to make some big moves. You could actually hear the brains and their whispering strategies...which paid off big for 9/8 Central and Gazpacho who doubled-up and put their teams back in the action!

Uh-oh. It was getting too serious now. So I had to shake things up for everyone's favorite aka The Drinking Round! Proven to be a hit at my weekly bar, I wanted to say goodbye to the NCAA Madness one more time with a shootout. The crowd was alive and cheering each other on as each team took turns shooting paper balls into tumbler glasses. In the tie-breaker shoot-off, Acme Trivia took home the win and the beers!

After glancing at how easy (yet fun) Round 7 was going to be, I knew it would all come down to Round 6 and which team knew the most parks besides Griffith...


Ah, Loudermilk. If I remember this correctly, half of Loudermilk defected and became Teradaktal. And then, well, let's just give them 9 points.

With 13 points and not allowed to be officially scored, FBQM left after only 3 rounds but I can only guess their acronym stood for Freakin' Best Quiz Master.

Acme Trivia struggled in the first few rounds but ended with 36 points and FREE beer. So some might say they actually won. I mean, I wouldn't.

Round 6 hurt More Popcorn? when they missed their double-up...but they fought hard for their 52 points.

I thought Touchy Feely were going to pull off 3rd place but they apparently didn't watch enough Entourage and Sex and the City. Nonetheless, they were great players and finished with 55 points.

We Try started off better than trying but probably hated me in Rounds 4 & 5. (Hey, I don't write the questions! I swear). Nice job with 57 points.

Racking up an impressive 49 points in their last 3 rounds, it almost hurts me to say that 63 points was not enough for 3rd place...but bra-vo, 9/8 Central!

And now our winners....

In 3rd place, the team that drove me nuts each time I said their name.....Da Real Dual Rear Wheels! (66 points)

In 2nd place with 78 points....Teradaktal!

And our winners with a 1 point photo-finish....our 3 week returning champions (holy cow, somebody step up and beat these guys!).....................GAZPACHO!!!!!

Shout out to the bar and Quizmaster Rebekah for handing me over such an awesome crowd!

I'd like to see some of your faces at our upcoming events....

AVENGERS: End Game 4/20 @Barney's Beanery (Burbank)

NINTENDO Night 4/28 @Golden Road Brewery (Glendale)

Register today! Or tomorrow.

'Til we ____ again,

~ Quizmaster (of the Trivia Universe) Johnny



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10065 Gazpacho 79 8 1.000
2 Teradaktal 78 7 0.875
3 Da Real Dual Rear Wheels 66 6 0.750
4 10260 9 8 Central 63 5 0.625
5 13915 We try 57 4 0.500
6 11320 Touchy feely 55 3 0.375
7 14259 More Popcorn? 52 2 0.250
8 Acme Trivia 36 1 0.125
9 17714 Loudermilk 9 0 0.000