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Tue Nov 28 2017
| by Quizmaster Rebekah Fear

This is my final game hosting Tuesday night trivia at Pineapple Hill and boy was it a close one! Spoiler alert: there were not one but TWO ties!

In Round 1, 8 teams started out strong with a double.

Situational Awareness must eat a lot of cereal, because they were the only ones to get every answer right in Round 2 (but they didn't double!). They were still ahead of the rest by at least two points.

Round 3 saw doubles by Tequila Mockingbirds, There's Always Next Week, Kidd's Table, Revolving Door, Nasty Women, Pen 15 and Hunker Downs. At this point Tequila and Kid's Table were tied for first place.

A whopping four teams got the Who Am I round on the 10 point clue. The rest waited until the 6 point clue.

Round 5 saw doubles by Running with Caesars, Tequila Mockingbirds, There's Always Next Week, and Kid's Table.

For the drinking round it was Name that Movie! I played a 30 second clip from the trailer of  movies such as Terminator, Braveheart, Usual Suspects, and Titanic to name a few. The team who got all 15 actually correct was Running with Caesars! Congrats to them on a rather difficult drinking round.

Kid's Table moved ahead into first place during round 6 by 2 points.

Going into the final round, it was still anyone's game. Kid's Table was up followed closely behind by Tequila Mockingbirds. There's Always Next Week was only 2 points behind Tequila, with Running With Caesars just 1 point behind them.

After the final round, we had to have a tiebreaker for third place. There's Always Next Week won and secured the third place spot. Then, there was a tie between Kids Table and Tequila Mockingbirds for 1st place. I asked how much Mother! made in the box office on it's opening weekend, and Tequila came closest with their guess of $800,000 (answer is $7 million) to win the game!

Check out their photo of them being the Beastie Boys, U2, and The Supremes.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1* 10155 Tequila Mockingbirds 77 12 0.962
1 10038 The Kids Table 77 12 0.962
3* 10128 There's Always Next Week 73 10 0.808
3 10474 Running With Ceasars 73 10 0.808
5 11796 Nasty Women 68 9 0.692
6 Pen 15 55 8 0.615
7 10014 Puppy Pals Forever 54 6 0.500
7 10063 the oxymorons 54 6 0.500
9 10125 Situational Awareness 53 5 0.385
10 The Curtis Granderson Experience 46 4 0.308
11 Hunker Downs 45 3 0.231
12 Almost There 39 2 0.154
13 The President's Neck is Missing 36 1 0.077
14 Revolving Door 35 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker