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Tue Aug 7 2018
| by Quizmaster Mark Youngs

This one started with a technical glitch, resulting in the game starting on round 2. But everyone rolled with it and we got off to a solid start. Nearly everyone successfully doubled in rounds 2 and 3, so this was a close one across the board going into round 4.

Tequila Mockingbirds held a slight lead coming out of 4, with a cluster of teams 4-6 points behind. A good double by Running with Ceasars in round 5, allowed them to slide into the lead. Doubles by both in rd 6 separated them from the rest and they stood pat to the end.

The really interesting race ended up being for 3rd place. 4 teams were huddled together, separated by only 2 points going into round 7. Had any of them been able to successfully double they could have passed Tequila for 2nd place. However, since there were no doubles in round 7, they had to duke it out, naming 10 of the 12 countries with the most McDonald's Restaurants. We ended with a tie for 3rd and a tie for 5th.

Flying Solo and The Oxymorons then had to face each other in the tie-breaker question: "In what year did Iran close its last McDonald's?" Solo made a gallant effort with his guess, but Oxy nailed the answer with 1979, taking 3rd place.

As usual, the Pineapple Hill Saloon was happening with King Trivia. A great turnout, lots of doubling and, I think, a good time had by all. The regulars are rotating victories, and the games are usually nail-biters right to the end.

Congrats to Running with Ceasars!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10474 Running With Ceasars 97 11 1.000
2 10155 Tequila Mockingbirds 89 10 0.909
3* 10063 the oxymorons 81 8 0.773
3 14604 Flying Solo 81 8 0.773
5 11546 Searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore Movie 80 6 0.591
5 Smarty Pints 80 6 0.591
7 10038 The Kids Table 73 5 0.455
8 14647 Raise Your Hand If You’re Pretty 69 4 0.364
9 12200 Hashtagteam 66 3 0.273
10 Cathy Chuong is Here!! 58 2 0.182
11 Team Up in the Air 48 1 0.091
12 Crushin' It 46 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker