Pineapple Hill Saloon

4454 Van Nuys Blvd.
Van Nuys CA 91403
(818) 789-0679
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 8:00pm



Tue Jun 23 2020
| by Quizmaster Yael Tygiel

Another exciting night at Pineapple Hill as the crowd grew, with returning even more returning teams. A couple, The Midwesterners, attempted to challenge the regulars, but ended up forfeiting after Round One.

Free Smoke took an early lead when they doubled the first round, leaving Kids Table 2.0 and Quiz Kid Donnie Smith, who tied the first round, fighting for second place. Round 3 was especially challenging and only Kids Table 2.0 had the right answer for the Guess Who? round. After a difficult 5th round it was time for a super easy Drinking Round game: Within 60 seconds, teams were asked to find the oldest coin (or bill) amongst their group. The Kids Table 2.0 brought up a nickel from the 1940s, beating Free Smoke's 1968 penny.

Free Smoke gained any even larger lead with the sports-themed 6th round handout, as they doubled again, resulting in a clear win.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15760 Free Smoke 55 2 1.000
2 10038 The Kids Table 34 1 0.500
3 11713 Quiz Kid Donnie Smith 29 0 0.000