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    Tue Feb 26 2019
    | by Quizmaster Ken Pierce

    Under Pressure

    Del Boca Vista Phase 2 had won the previous 2 weeks, and was going for a 3-peat! They had their game face on, and were ready to take on the challenge! Coasting along as they correctly doubled the first 3 rounds and getting round four on the second clue, they had a 10 point lead going into round 5! Netflix And Cuddlefish got all ten right in round 5, but did not double! This closed the gap a little as Del Boca Vista Phase 2 only got 8 points, and felt the pressure as their long time competitors threatened to pounce! The pressure took its toll in the very next round, as most teams doubled. DBVP2 doubled as well, but self doubted one of their answers and made a change. Their first answer would have been correct, giving them a zero for the round, and opening the door for the other teams. Ebomb4565 was one of those other teams as they surged to second place! In the final round all 3 teams in contention doubled correctly with the final results being:

    1st: Netflix And Cuddlefish

    2nd: ebomb4565

    3rd: Del Boca Vista Phase 2

    Foodies R Us appropriately enough, won the free dessert round! Yum!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 10481 Netflix And Cuddlefish 90 5 1.000
    2 18176 ebomb4565 82 4 0.800
    3 10106 Del Boca vista phase 2 78 3 0.600
    4 11500 Pa's Legacy 69 2 0.400
    5 18175 Foodies R Us 52 1 0.200
    6 10071 I <3 Myrtle Beach 50 0 0.000