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Tue Aug 9 2016
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

OH! MY!...Goodness. What a great bit of competitive spirit on display last night at the Pitfire! A Team Has No Name went neck-and-neck with The DoDos all evening.  ATHNN posted scores of 12/5/12/8/20/7/5 for their total of 69, which gave them an oh-so-slim 1-point win over The DoDos' 12/6/5/10/20/8/7 total of 68!

The Dodos might have pulled off the win in the 7th, if they had come up with original SNL cast members Michael O'Donoghue and George Coe. But honestly, who remembers those guys, overshadowed as they were by Chevy, Jane and Belushi!?

We were delighted to have four League-registered teams in the hunt, including Detective Trivia Benson with a respectable 4th Place finish. The Refugee Olympic Trivia Team, Westeros Baptist Church and Quizzy Stardust all comported themselves admirably as well, and we're looking forward to their tenacious performances in weeks to come.

We also made a few new friends last night, who were unfamiliar with King Trivia but quickly got into the sprit of things. We hope to see you again in the weeks ahead (I'm tawkin' to YOU, Team Mystic!) as we continue our journey through the realm of arcane knowledge.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10445 A Team Has No Name 69 9 1.000
2 The DoDos 68 8 0.889
3 Nova Squadron 60 7 0.778
4 10383 Detective Trivia Benson 55 6 0.667
5 Bob Costas' Pink Eye 52 5 0.556
6 10016 Westeros Baptist Church 50 4 0.444
7 The Lost Beaver Boys 48 3 0.333
8 10387 Refugee Olympic trivia team 46 2 0.222
9 10141 Quizzy Stardust 44 1 0.111
10 Team Mystic 19 0 0.000