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Tue Oct 4 2016
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

If you take a look at our League Play LEADER BOARD, you'll notice Westeros Baptist Church among the League leaders. They're a formidable crew, to be sure, and they demonstrated their incredible trivia powers again last night on the Pitfire patio. A pair of well-executed doubles in the 5th and 6th rounds led to a final total of 76, and the win.

Mystery Diners might have given the Westeros crew a closer run for their money, if their attempt to double in the first round had been successful. Alas, it wasn't, and though they doubled successfully in the 2nd and 5th rounds, it wasn't enough to overcome that first round goose egg. Nevertheless, they till finished 2nd for the night with 60 points. Kudos, Mystery kids.

The best trivia teams live (and occasionally die) by the double-or-nothing risk. Last week's winners, Trivia Science Theater 3000 got stung on the 3rd round double, but came back strong with a successful Round 6, and finished up with 57 points and the third place trophy.

(Okay, there aren't really any trophies. But there was a gift card for all three winners, not to mention the satisfying congratulatory hand shake from Quizmaster Tim. Heck, that's better than a gift card, right!?)

I can't finish this recap without giving an honorable mention shout-out to the fine folks of Suck It, Trebeck! (That's one of 'em there in photo #1) They didn't finish in the top three, but they did outperform everyone in the tough Round 7 that asked for the top 10 milk producing states in the US. Good job, kids!

And kudos, as well, to team Those Aren't Pillows!, because John Candy and Steve Martin always make me laugh. See ya next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10016 Westeros Baptist Church 76 12 1.000
2 Mystery Diners 60 11 0.917
3 10397 Trivia Science Theater 3000 57 10 0.833
4 Bob Loblaw's Law Blog 56 9 0.750
5 Amanda Knox on my Door 54 8 0.667
6 10575 Team Reluctant 51 7 0.583
7 10160 Those Aren't Pillows! 50 6 0.500
8 10458 The Barrelers 43 5 0.417
9 Pole Party 38 4 0.333
10 Suck It, Trebeck! 30 2 0.208
10 We Missed the First Round 30 2 0.208
12 Trivia Newton John 25 1 0.083
13 Purple Parrots 9 0 0.000