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Tue Sep 12 2017
| by Quizmaster Mike A

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back!

After a week vacation to sin city, yours truly returned for some action pack trivia. Well.. maybe not action packed, BUT IT WAS STILL FUN!

The Milk Lords took an early lead and like a crazy ex, refused to let go (of it), and wound up as your winners.

With a tough double down miss, then a double down missed opportunity, A Team Has No Name settled for second.

Although they ended up in 3rd place, Ted Cruzin' For Porn, easily took home the top spot for best team name.

After a small drop off, Blue and Black, as well as The Kool Kidz Table mounted a valiant effort to squeak into the top 3, but just missed.

Now regulars The Underdawgs battled it out with vets Quizzy Stardust, the group on the bench, The Fairy Manilows, as well as the trio of Jonathan Heckman, who gave me the most confident double down answer sheet to memory, even though they didn't get them all right. #bummerdude

The Targaryen Family Reunion is still waiting for next season to kick it into gear, and the alliteration favorites Pale Ale Monorail finished up in the rear.

It was a pleasant night for all, with the Pitfire roaring, see you all next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10705 Milk Lords 74 9 1.000
2 10445 A Team Has No Name 59 8 0.889
3 10016 Ted Cruzin' For Porn 57 7 0.778
4 12444 Blue and black 48 6 0.667
5 12402 The Kool Kidz Table 47 5 0.556
6 10248 The UnderDawgs 42 4 0.444
7 10141 Quizzy Stardust 38 3 0.333
8 11789 Jonathan Heckman 36 1 0.167
8 12344 The Fairy Manilows 36 1 0.167
10 10740 Pale Ale Monorail 24 0 0.000