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Tue Sep 19 2017
| by Quizmaster Mike A

With a colder temperature upon us, trivia remained HOT with competition.

Straight Outta Compton actor R. Marcos Taylor (Suge Knight) joined us for trivia this evening, and by joined us, I mean did not participate at all, and ate delicious pasta in the very back of the outside patio.

I made eye contact with him a couple times, and jeez, he is enormous. I knew he was an actor, but he also played Suge Knight, so you gotta think there... is he method? As I looked nervously around our guests, who were clueless from the potential peril there were in, I had to only do one thing: Perform Nervously Awesome Trivia.

And I did.

And he did nothing to stop me.


Oh yeah, we had a great night tonight. A Team Has No Name cautiously took 1st place, choosing not to double in a few cases. Happy Jew Year celebrated a day early with second place. Kool Kidz Table took more of the fire pit seating, so while they did not actually live up to their name, they did take 3rd place as well as the drinking round!

For our Emmy considerations, teams were instructed to come up with their own idea for an award! Awesome job!

Collectively Uncomfortable had a major comeback at the end, but fell a bit short. Quizzy Stardust (veterans of course) hung tough the whole evening but started off a little too shaky.

Duo Band Aid's Tale did their best to stay afloat. Targaryen Family Reunion stopped by Maury Pouvich for DNA results and finished outside the top 5.

Vets Milk Lords, couldn't string together enough solid rounds, sadly.

TST3K, Deep State 2020, Team Ugly, Straight Outta Answers and Sprinkles despite their amateur entry, were no match for the mighty vets. Practice makes perfect, and hope to see you all out again next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10445 A Team Has No Name 64 12 1.000
2 10016 Happy Jew Year! 57 11 0.917
3 12402 The Kool Kidz Table 53 10 0.833
4 Collectively Uncomfortable 52 9 0.750
5 10141 Quizzy Stardust 51 8 0.667
6 The Band Aid's Tale 48 7 0.583
7 12391 Targaryen Family Reunion 47 6 0.500
8 10705 Milk Lords 43 5 0.417
9 Trivia Science Theatre 3000 (TST3K) 40 4 0.333
10 12489 Deep State 2020 37 3 0.250
11 Team Ugly 35 2 0.167
12 Straight Outta Answers 25 1 0.083
13 Sprinkles 8 0 0.000