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Tue Apr 17 2018
| by Quizmaster Walker Dowd-Whipple

Teams came out in full force tonight at Pitefire Pizza for a game that was neck and neck until the end.

There was no time to take it easy in round one as right out of the gate, five teams successfully played a double or nothing.

The round two handout saw six teams having a perfect double

There was No Doubt that teams rocked the 90's band themed"find the connection" round tonight. With three Sublime double or nothing's, several teams found themselves in Nirvana and in the front of the pack. Hopefully, those falling behind didn't feel like Garbage.

Tonight's drinking round had teams constructing paper airplanes to see who could get there's closest to a target. Bogie flew high as their plane was the lucky winner, earning them a round of free drinks!

There was no joy in Mudville during round 6 as most teams struck out on matching baseball teams to the year they were founded. Only one team was able to get more than five correct matches.

In a callback to the 2017 Oscars, Quizmaster Walker announced the wrong team for third place. He apologizes, promises it won't happen again, and thanks the 4th place team for being good sports about it.

Sunny Day Sweepin' the clouds away for tonight's winners, Sesame Street Walkers! Thanks to all who came out tonight!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14181 Sesame Streetwalkers 75 11 1.000
2 12336 Bogie, the Man, and Company 70 10 0.909
3 10016 Mo-Money Moana 68 9 0.818
4 10445 A Team Has No Name 65 8 0.727
5 10297 Clean Up At The Tam 60 7 0.636
6 10705 Milk Lords 57 6 0.545
7 Katie Hobbit Fan Club 54 5 0.455
8 10237 Wasted Seamen 46 4 0.364
9 12402 The Kool Kidz Table 35 3 0.273
10 Bros Bros Bros 32 2 0.182
11 There's Always Answers in the Banana Stand 22 1 0.091
12 Water 19 0 0.000